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Happy new year!

Hi there all. Happy new year!

Just for inform about my current situation, future projects and ideas for this new year.

Well, currently my spare time is spent mainly working on commissions because in recent months I have acquired some financial responsibilities and the commissions are a way to get extra money to deal with it. So I still will continue to take commissions until I’m free of some debts and can work on my own stuff.

Also this year I hope to open a tip jar where I can receive your donations for I can work on my canon stuff and deliver episodes more regularly. Maybe a crowfunding campaign would work, we’ll see…

For the time being, here’s some previews of future episodes will come on next months. I’m not sure when I will finish them though but I hope to publish one of them this month at least.



  1. Come on man, you got us abandoned…For when any comic It’s 31…You had promised for this month

    • Dude it’s free content come on. He’s giving you the best 3D shit I’ve ever seen and it’s all free so calm down and remember you get what you pay for. Plus it’s only 1pm there he could still release it this month

  2. Any progress on the comic? dont want to stress you just wondering like approx when will u think u can relese it?

  3. Hay alguna forma de que podamos ver todo tu material ( como comisiones a otros clientes ) patrocinando o algo? Pregunto para poder disfrutar de todo tu material.

  4. Hola amigo thefoxxx, para saludarte y preguntarte si ya tienes patreon.com?

  5. is there a set release date each month?

  6. Antes que nada, Feliz Año Nuevo!!! los tres proyectos me encantan, pero estoy super ancioso por ver que tiene Roxy ahi debajo, y que harán en la playa, porque hasta ahora no pasa nada entre ellos, y eso le da mas intriga al comics.
    Los mejores deseos para este año que comienza,

  7. Hola amigo Foxxx, a mi me gustaría solicitarle una comisión, cual es el procedimiento? Aprovecho para decirle que su trabajo cada vez es mejor!!!

    A pensado en hacer cortos con movimiento? Como míni películas? Eso seria un éxito rotundo en patreon yo lo patrocinará hasta con 10 dlls mensuales

  8. Happy New Year, Foxxx! Hope it’s a good one for you. Excited to see what story will come out first – they all look great (and hardly “amateur” as you claim), especially the first look of Roxy and Dick at the beach (I wonder what bathing suit she ended up buying with Dick…). I think crowdfunding is a great idea, though adding rewards to supporting you in Patreon might help you even more.

  9. You are not an amateur your work is just super

  10. Hi man, i saw that you keep your work. It looks great roxy and dick.
    all those 3 proyects look good, but dont forget about your great character lily and the short blonde girl.

  11. definitivamente hay que cumplir con los compromisos, la responsabilidad es la que habla de uno como persona, estaremos pendientes de tus trabajos!!

    los mejores deseos para este año 2017!!!!

  12. Looking good, looking forward to see what you pick and I will admit I am most curious about dick and roxy ^^ happy new year btw!

  13. please more roxy

    Hey man, Open up a patreon! It’s the best way to get financial support from your fans. I wouldn’t donate more than $5 to you as a single donation and I probably wouldn’t donate more than a single donation if you had a tip jar, but on patreon I (and probably hundreds of others) would have no problem paying $3-5 monthly for upwards of a year. It’s a lot more compelling than a single donation. But please don’t get money hungry and start charging people for access to canon comics/ episodes. Maybe make patreon rewards small things such as a thanks page at the end of every comic with their names on a credit slide or something like that. In short I’d just really love to support your work but am not in the best financial situation to donate a big sum of money upfront.

    • Patreon seems the best option, I’m looking for other alternatives though. And I dont want that my canon episodes have exclusive access to seeing, maybe give early access to them for patrons would work, we’ll see… And dont worry, I’m not going to charge a lot of money if I open a patreon account because where I live basic services and food are cheaper than other places, moreover your numbers are much more generous than those I have in mind :D

  14. You should continue the roxy beach story, roxy storys are ur best ones yet! love how stupid she is when she is around Dick haha

  15. I love your stuff it’s hot as always and you make some of the best 3d thick milfs i’ve seen so I hope you continue making more of your awesome work, I mostly check here everyday hoping for more episodes and renders.

  16. I hope you continue the roxy stuff so kinky

  17. nice work dear…i will be expecting it very soon

  18. You should make a Patreon.

  19. Which of the episodes you try to publish this month?)
    I’m really looking forward to the episode “Roxy and Dick”

    • I’m not sure because I almost have ready all the renders, they just need postwork and dialogues. Maybe the Gabriela’s episode but who knows, I’m not a professional, just an amateur so it much depends on how motivated or inspired I am :D

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