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Hi there all!

First of all, I have to say that I was pretty busy by working on commissions lately so I couldn’t finish the “Episode 7” featuring Gabriela this month as I hoped. That episode will be the first of two parts of the introduction of the Gabriela’s series. Possibly I’ll be releasing it on mid-February if there is no setback.

Now, I did a few renderings with my version de Agent Honeydew and Action Hank from Dexter’s Lab show. Also I have a new reworked version of Dexter’s mom among my files so I hope to do something with these three in the future…


  1. in your next renders it would be cool if you make their nipples thicker and darker…


  3. Hi …

    Whoaaaaa ….
    Very Nice ….
    Good job

  4. I think it’s the first time I looked forward to seeing what the male model looks like in a work of yours lol. Hell yeah Action Hank. He’s definitely getting some action there.

  5. i was thinking that of the 3
    proyects the one you were going to release first was the roxy stuff not gabriela.. sad

    • Well, you thought wrong :D Come back in July if you’re waiting for Roxy story.

      I’m starting to think that I’m going to sell separately my episodes henceforth so people can buy they want, sad because all of my girls’ series will be related and linked together.

  6. If you say you’re going to release an episode every month then you should get that project finished first bro then go to the other stuff. Sad to say a little disappointed, please open up your patreon as soon as possible so you have more motivation to finish these episodes.

    • First, I never said that I’m going to post an episode every month with my current pace of work. Second, I started to work on this Honeydew model about a year ago and actually I have more than 15 projects started atm but many of them need finishing renders, postwork, dialogues, etc… Don’t think that what I just release is what I was working lately on. And finally, the money is not a motivation for me, I do this because I like to do it but my time is going mostly to my real job and commissions because I need to buy food, pay rent, pay bills, etc… Patreon would help me? IDK, we’ll see…

  7. impresionante!!! esta chica te quedo finamente voluptuosa! felicidades!!! aunque me siguen gustando mas los caballeros que las acompañan jejejeje

    • Gracias Jessy! Es bueno ver que haya gente que disfrute de todo el espectro de mi trabajo ya que me toma mi tiempo trabajar en los partners de las chicas tambien :)

  8. Glad to see you’re back in action with amazing thick women in your unique style and I hope you get to produce much more stuff than last year because I always check on this site everyday

    • Thanks man. I’d like to do more stuff than I currently do but my time for work on this is limited atm, I hope to improvement in the future. And very glad to hear that someone visits my site so regularly ^^

  9. wow!!!,great work man…hope to see more new fanart…