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[Episode 17] Presentation in the locker room

Roxy introduces Dick to Rachel on women instructors’ locker room.


  1. I’m really loving your work. Have you considered setting up an account at Patreon?

  2. Amigo, podrías hacer una modelo con un poco más de pantorrillas ?

  3. Nice work dear…. keep it up.

  4. impresionante ver a esas 2 beldades juntas!!

  5. Your storyline are fantastic but incomplete.you need to expand the scenes to drive home a point.For example,the story should go further to where the private lessons was eventually taken

  6. Would love to see a shower scene or on the beach scene!😃

  7. Fantastic Foxxx. The story turned really interesting and sexy !!!. Shower with Roxy in a small tight little shower room wow!!!

  8. Foxxx…
    What are you doing for christmas this time??
    Are you going to make all your model full naked to enjoy with sinterclass with a large dick??…You always make your work with great detail and meticulous…Full naked all your models,,I can not wait to see that…All Thanks,Foxxx…

  9. are you going to do some work like crazyxxx? A tale more long, sex or something like that.

  10. the guys going to receive any end-of-the-year gifts like some finished comic?

  11. Hey foxxx,can u do a threesome scene with them in the locker room?or maybe the shower?

  12. Why is the name of the fitness centre funny?I don’t get it….

  13. Please Foxxx, after completing this chapter of Rachel and Dick conclude the second part of the nun Lily and Simon: D obg for his magnificent work, here is a fan of yours from Brazil! I love your job!

  14. Excelente como siempre Foxxx, podremos ver a alguna de tus modelos armando el arbol de navidad (con vestuario muy sexy) quizas con la ayuda de tu avatar??? solo una sugerencia.
    Gracias por compartir tu trabajo

  15. Hey are going to upload some art of Penny, Simon or carmen??

  16. Excelente trabajo!!Por favor cuando tengas el tiempo,continua con Roxy!!Necesito mas de ella

  17. would love to see Roxys reaction when she sees the size of dick`s dick, compared to her husbans, like shiin did in his story.

  18. please draw rachel dancing with her youngster students

  19. Hello great job, I wanted to ask you if this is a separate scene or has to do with the real story of roxy

  20. Very nice and sweet one Foxxx… please make sure you continue this Dick, Roxy and now Rachel story… love it so much. Keep it up yo…

  21. Hey Foxxx I’m already a fan of you, I wonder if there was Rachel’s sex scene. If yes, when?

  22. Ho ho ho!

    It looks like if Rachel wants to keep her dirty little secret, she might need to let Dick fuck her huge round MILF ass.

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see more!

    P.S. Mr. Foxxx do you plan to introduce more OCs in the future? It’d be great to see a lovely BBW like Penelope Garcia or a big booty black girl.
    Any spoilers would be appreciated ;)

  23. Are you still working in Gabriela’s Story? Thanks

  24. Fantastic art Foxxx. Thank you for more Roxy.

  25. Foxxx…
    Where the scene sex roxy and dick your version??..
    We’ve seen the sex scenes shiin version..
    I Willy Hope You Make it Too…
    Thanks Foxxx…

  26. Lo traducirás o sabes si alguien lo traducirá al castellano? Aunque en este caso tampoco ha sido muy difícl, pero en algunos casos me gustaría verlo en castellano xD

  27. great,awesome…are you make all your models meet one way other?,if so it would be wonderdul

  28. Fuck!!! This is amazing art man, where you these great idea!?

  29. Muy bueno el trabajo espero de verdad que continues con esta historia

  30. Nosotros esperamos más sobre ellos dentro este lugar

  31. esta excelente ! buen trabajo

  32. OMG i love this more please, open a patreon so we can support u man would love to give u 10 dollar every month for this!

  33. Excelente continúa por favor!


  35. Thanks foxxx
    Please continue

  36. very nice pictures

  37. Wow…now my interest is pricked…I want more pls.

  38. Roxy and Bunnie in the same room?!! You’re killing us with suspense, Foxxx. Thank you for so much great work! I can’t wait to see what’s next (hopefully soon! – again, would be happy to send support if it meant more regular updates)

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