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Heather’s interview and Lulu Lovecock

Hi there all!

First, Heather’s interview is ready. She’s a struggling writer who often gets into trouble because of her zero understanding of slang terms or people misinterpreting what she says. You can read her full interview HERE. Thanks to rebel37 for his great help!


Also I introduce a new original character, Lulu Lovecock. Well she’s not so original because she’s Lily’s twin sister and actually she’s just a supporting character so doesn’t have an interview profile. I will write some details about her bio soon but I think that you can guess what’s her occupation from the following pics.

Finally I want to inform that I’m working slowly on my canon projects due of I’m working on some commissions and other projects priority.



  1. are you just going to stop at 8 models?,c’mon the foxxx,please make more models,probably shorter than heather,I suggest names Iike JOY JUGGSON,BEATRICE BIGBUTTAE etc,thanks foxxx

  2. I love HUMPTER…It would be nice seeing her ride nude!!!

  3. Nice work,really love em.

  4. Awesome man !!

    Man is there a chance to see Roxy and Dick on the shower soon ?

  5. Oh now you make me want to draw both more heather and some Lulu lovecock :D But I should get on some of the other things first since I’m geting over this cold I’ve had for a while now : ) Still love the look of Lulu and interview with heather!

  6. Halo foxxx…
    Your create an outstanding work…
    You make two series stories at once about the cave milf,anal plumber and also roxy series….so amazing work,I Willy Liked…
    I urge you to make a continuation of the story about lily lovecock or perhaps a new story about twin sisters lulu lovecock..she is so amazing hooker,,willy amazing body….
    I know that you are very busy…
    I will always be faithful wating a continuation of the story about lily…or maybe three series of roxy…
    You always the best,,,Foxxx….
    Thanks for your work…

  7. How did it happen that Lily is a nun and her twin sister end up to be a hooker?
    This is insane!

    Great work by the way :)

  8. Joli travail…Mais elle me rappelle vaguement une certaine Nabila, non?

  9. Lè problème c’est que tu prends beaucoup de temps et on attend impatiemment les épisodes, bon travail mais donnez-nous de quoi à regarder et lire bro

  10. beautiful! and that names make them hotter!

  11. I love these girls, cant wait to see them in real action

    Keep it up !

  12. HOT DAMMM!!!!!PLEASE!!!! Make a Twin Threesome man, that is JUST begin to be done with this latest character even if Lulu is only a support one. The Good and The Bad, The Angel and The Devil, the potential alone is enough to fuel too many fantasies. As always keep up the SUPER AWESOME work that you always do. (Insert thumps up).

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