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Heather Humpter


Name:   Heather Humpter

Age:   23

Height:   5 feet 1 inch ( 154 cm )

Measurements:   48-24-55 ( 124-62-140 cm )

Ethnicity:   British-American

Nickname:   Just Heather because some men use my surname to say things like “Ms. Humpter, I wanna hump you”. I don’t know what they exactly mean but it sounds weird, I guess this is a sort of compliment so I just say thank you. Nowadays people don’t know to use the language properly and invent every kind of weird phrases.

Marital Status:   Single

Immediate Family:   I’m an only child but left home a few years ago.

Occupation:   I’m a writer. I like to write books for kids but I haven’t been able to publish a book yet. Whenever I submit one of my stories, the editors simply laugh and tell me I should consider writing porn scripts. That’s really offensive and I don’t know why they would say that considering I never use sexual terms.
This one time, I went to present a book of riddles to a second grade class. Before I could finish the first riddle which was “What starts with an ‘F’, ends with a ‘K’ and if you don’t get it, you’ve got to use your hand?” the principal and teacher got angry and kicked me out before I could say the answer was ‘Fork’ to the kids. I really don’t know why they reacted that way.

What is your Wealth Status?
I was raised in a wealthy family but I had some problems with my parents when I told them that I wanted to be a writer and didn’t want to manage the family business like they wanted, so I left my home a few years ago. Now, I’m a struggling writer who tries to take jobs wherever they come and lives in a rented apartment.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love to write. It’s a passion of mine and I try to do it as often as I can. Also I like equitation, and even though I currently can’t afford a country club membership due to my wealth status, I still take a horse ride from time to time.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My parents sent me to a strict school where speaking and writing language properly was the primary focus. Because of that, I think that I’m a good writer but editors don’t think so. As for weaknesses, I think I would say that I like to ride nude, I like to feel the field breeze all over my body. I can’t help myself when I’m alone and see a horse ready for a ride. I’m not certain if that is considered as weakness though.

How many boyfriends have you had?
Uhm… I have had many dates but nothing serious because I usually end up having sex with my date; that’s not my real intention though. I would like get to know them a little more before that but they just misinterpret my words and before I realize what is happening, we are already on a bed in a hotel room.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
I like a man who can talk properly and who doesn’t misunderstand my words. But talking about the physique, there is something in long tall men which is a real turn on for me.

What is your favorite sexual position?
I feel the most comfortable on top in a riding pose but I usually don’t have much control when my partners and I have sex. They typically just lift me and manipulate me however they want.

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
Recently an editor told me he would help me with my book, but I had to do a favor for him. I was so excited that I told him I would do anything. He said he would publicize it, but only if I agreed to get naked and let him rub his penis on me. I agreed resignedly but then he tried to stick it in my butt so I told him that was off limits. Instead, if he wanted, he could rub my vagina. He got really excited and said ok. Before I knew it, he stuck his penis inside my vagina! I asked what he was doing and he told me I said he could rub it in my vagina. That wasn’t what I meant. But the worst came next because he shouted something like “I am about to bust a nut all over your ass” when suddenly someone knocks on the door so I said “No, don’t come in”. Well, for some reason the guy ejaculated inside me. I was shocked and asked why he did that. He said I had told him “No don’t, cum in”. I wanted to ask him what ‘cum’ means, but I was too upset that his sperm was inside leaking out of me. I’m guessing he just made that word up. Anyway, people keep misunderstanding what I say and that gets me into trouble often!