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Gabriela story and polls

Hey guys!

Just to show you all some sketch renders of how Gabriela will look on the next canon story that I’m working on. But actually the interior museum stage is what is taking me longer.

Also I want to know if you would be interested or not and how much you would be willing to contribute in a crowdfunding campaign for my canon stories by doing the next polls. Thanks in advance.

Closed polls. Thanks.



  1. I for one have a problem with the physique / figure(s) of your digital ladies. They are all the same save the the different faces. Variety they say is the spice of life. I expect that by now:

    1. You should have transcended beyond this level of mono-female-physique by creating different sort of physiques. Yes, the physiques are usually very enticing cause I love them big butts and big boobs and all. But I feel you should still try to bring in some different shades of female physique; ladies with smaller boobs and ass, voluptuous ladies, shorter ladies, Asian ladies, African Ladies, Indian Ladies etc, with some of their attire and cultural thingy.

    2. Your erotic scenes should be spiced up with some more sexual preferences; oiled up scenes, latex, lesbians, etc… you know what I mean.

    3. Furthermore Most of the ladies in your art works, are usually bigger than the males… I mean …really? (in reality bro I think, its the other way round).

    These are a few of my observations (more to come later) but I must give kudos to you for your work though. A lot of us who complain about it can’t actually do half shit of what you do. Thumbs up Sir. But as public fans, for whom you are creating these pieces for, we have to air our views and make demands of our various preferences. Keep up the good work … but open your mind to get more ideas to spice things up

    • 1.- Well, not all of my models have the same boobs or butts, they have different sizes. I hope to do some asian model in the future btw.

      2.- In time.

      3.- I just have 2 male OC’s atm and they are short guys. I hope to do more male OCs in the future.

      BTW I’m not making my stories for fans but for me. I make my renderings and stories according my likes and if there is someone out there who likes what I do then cool. I can hear suggestions but if I dont like the idea then I’m not going to do that.

      Thanks for the feedback and kudos!

  2. She looks so good, Foxxx – really excited to see her story! How soon do you hope to have it finished? And I would be more than happy to contribute towards your work if it meant seeing more of your bodacious, big booty babes in action.

  3. Gabriela is cool. Impressive measurements – 5 feet 10 inches of height and 47-24-54. Pretty big girl. Average adult man in Europe stands 5`7 – 5`9. Big and tall girls are good for femdom scenes. Would be nice to see Gabriela in action. She is the best model on the roster. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Your art is worth all contributions! Still waiting on Roxy and her nephew!!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. I can pay with bitcoin to see more stuff?

  6. Your artwork is amazing and you are very tallented. Gabriella is my favorite model of yours I think. I would love to see an errotic story with her in it. If you put out a comic I would definitely buy it. I’d also be willing to support you on Patreon if you put out exclusive content for your supporters. I believe artists should get paid for their work and be supported for what they do :)

  7. Awesome Work buddy,can’t wait for this awesome story :)

  8. If there is consistency and a nice flow of content. Then i’ll be interested to pay a few bucks. But not how it is right now with two canon story a year. I understand that you have a job and a life outside of this site.

    Once you start uploading more content. More people are willing to support you. The last canon story was in june.

    You have incredible talent. If you would spend around 30 minutes a day working on your canon story, at some point you’ll finish it. But i don’t know how busy your life is.

    I hope to see another canon story before the end of the year.

  9. Will you make a cavevixens #3 one day?

  10. if i vote for at least $5+ will the canon stories will be uploaded more often???

  11. I wish I could do stuff like this except I only know how to make these kind of women out of pipe cleaners

  12. Hi Foxxx is there anyway you can see my email address and email me? I would love to personally help you with private funding but have no way of contacting you personally so that I may assist. I love your work and would like to invest in your advancement.

  13. I want to be more specific with my answer.

    No, I would not support you, but I do want to see you with a patreon and getting money from other users who want to support you.

    I would like to see you just delay content for non-paying users, but that’s just me and how you go about the paywall’d content is your prerogative.

    Goodluck and your work is good enough to pay for, I just wouldn’t since I’m not that interested plus I don’t see enough activity in what you post to warrant me forking over any cash. Maybe if you start releasing more content frequently and consistently I would be more interested in supporting your cause.

    Now with all that being said I feel like I should repeat myself, I do think you should use patreon or some sort of crowd funding website because you are doing work and it’s an excellent way for artist to get paid for their work even if assholes like to tear people down for trying to make a living, if you have a problem with someone wanting money for a product, then don’t buy the product, the market can take care of itself.

    • Thanks for the feedback. The main reason why I do this is because of I receive comments, messages, emails, etc from many people asking for my next canon stories but currently I’m pretty busy with my real work so I wanted to know if there are enough people interested on support a campaing like that. Thus I can spend more time on my canon stories and less on my real work without worrying about paying the bills. I really do this just a hobby at the moment and if I was not so busy with my real work I could continue doing my canon stories for free but unfortunately when you grow, responsibilities and expenses increase too :)

      • I get that entirely, you need to pay the bills. This is work even if you treat it like a hobby, it takes time and effort. So I don’t consider it unreasonable to desire financial compensation so you can turn it into a job that way you can invest more time in it. I sincerely wish you the best. I made my original comment because over the years I’ve noticed a cancerous attitude from people about people who want to get paid for their work as if they don’t deserve it. Anyway I already said what I needed to in that post. Good luck buddy, I think you should set up a patreon and your real decision should be how you set up the pay-wall/rewards for the people who subscribe.

      • Well, there will always be haters and trolls but I’ve already learned to deal with them :D

  14. The feats of foxx creative skills and works always leave an indelible print of sensual feel on the mind of its observers. It has been Wonderful and pleasure to admire such a talent. Keep it up Foxx.

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