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[Episode 9] Lily’s first day as a nun

Shiin was kind enough to give us a few amazing pictures of Lily a while ago. That gave me an idea for my first introductory canon story of Lily series. Besides this story is a sort of prequel to his Lily’s drawings. In this canon story you can see my version of shiin’s OC, Simon, in a titjob scene with Lily Lovecock.

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Have fun!


Epilogue (by shiin)


  1. you have done great work for this mr. FOXX, so please, can you make a part 2 for the 3d lily’s first day as a nun?? please please please


  2. Marcelo.R.Ferrerez.

    Very impressed. ..
    Nice work.

  3. I’m speechless

  4. Edmond Nkansah

    very interesting

  5. Can’t. Stop. The. Fap.
    This nun is so great !

  6. And this is why we can’t have nice things. Every one is putting there two cents in our nun commodity and abusing it’s shares.

    FYI: I was going for the innuendo route.

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  12. I can’t help but be envious of that nun! Wish I had a chance with a cock like that, great work Foxxx :D

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  16. Wow really great, thumb up for you man

  17. Can’t wait to see more….

  18. Wonderful comic as usual. Also, when will we get Cave Milf 3?

  19. Innocent Azubuko

    Nice work.. I even felt like cumming😀

  20. abidemi Bidexman

    Nice story I love it

  21. I squirted buckets, great work!

  22. Can we see your take of Elastic Girl/Mrs. Incredible, Helen Parr with her fat ass? She would look amazing on your website

  23. Amazing work man .

  24. Can’t wait to see more of Lily.

  25. You keep make me surprise, this is like read chambeadoras but deluxe and in 3d!,
    i would suggest some history , or prequel, about lily first anal, maybe some old bold guy from the prision who had escape, and somehow gets in the convent and get all that stupid ideas on the silly lily and take advantage of her body, something very brutal i dont know. jojojojo grean work, i would pay for more

  26. Very interesting story

  27. Frank the Tank

    Love it!!!!

  28. tremendo mi amigo, excelente trabajo muy bueno!!!
    muy buena la corrida, mucho tiempo sin ver un explosion de semen en tus trabajos y valio la pena la espera tremendo, de lo mejor !!!

  29. Lord have mercy!

  30. Jelundo Jonoji

    Great stuff!

    Keep it up!

  31. Oh I forgot to check in, I know you mention you would be finishing this up! This is so great, awesome work :D We should discuss more ideas someday, I’ll probably be online on skype this week if you feel up for it! Now I wantto draw more Lily! :D

  32. artur almeida junior

    You’ll do a second part ? or this is just a job of one part ?

  33. Nice one n good graphic

  34. That’s great

  35. Fantastic work as always! I’m glad to see a titfuck as well!

  36. Fantastic! The only bad part is that you want more and have to wait for the next story.

  37. You are GREAT! …concepts and story lines are SWEET

  38. I’m thinking I’m gonna be needing her help next. Some of your best work ever!

  39. Es una mujer hermosa!

  40. wooowww la chica se ve impresionante con esas ropas jejeje

  41. exelente trabajo, no puedo esperar para ver el resto¡¡¡¡

  42. Excellent work! :)))

  43. Whatever happened to the comic with Lily in the attic?

  44. Love it. Cant wait to see more of lily, which the stories be longer.

  45. Hi Good Friends ….
    Again, you surprised us with beautiful things that you !
    Very attractive and amazing !
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  47. Excellent work!

  48. Amazing titjob. Lily is my favorite of your models. Thanks :)

  49. Excelente trabajo! Pero seria bastante bueno bien colocar las historias en español :/ no lo as pensado?

    • De pensarlo, lo he pensado pero si hiciera eso sacaria una historia cada 6 meses. No se trata solo de traducirlo sino tambien de pensar las historias en español. Cada lenguaje tiene sus propias variantes y peculiaridades y el mensaje se puede hasta perder en una traduccion. Eso por no hablar de que me llevaria un mes mas para hacer todo el script en español. Ademas el ingles pronto sera un idioma universal, sino lo es ya. Gracias por leer nuestro trabajo!

      • foxxx, gran trabajo, si de algo puedierá ayudar, hacer traducciones del ingles al español se me dan, podría colaborar en tus trabajos, sin ningún interes, de ser necesario me podrias hacer una prueba para ver tal me quedan.

      • totalmente de acuerdo, a veces es muy complicado dar el contexto de acuerdo a la imagen, a mi en lo particular me encantaría hacer solo historias en español, pero la gran mayoria de fans de Batbabe son de idioma ingles jejejee

      • @Mane00
        Como dije, no estoy interesado en traducirlas. Ya tengo demasiado trabajo. Agradezco tu interes de todos modos. Gracias ;)

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