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Heather Humpter

I introduce a new OC. Besides she’s my first short-stack girl, her height is 155 cm. Right now she must be filling out her interview sheet so when it’s ready I will publish it and we will know more about her. I just know that her age is between 20-30 years old.


And here you can see Heather with Ace(180 cm), just to compare her height to a normal height guy.

Ace belongs to Ace


  1. I hope we goin to see more of her

  2. In short this babes is Small packet, bigger blast…
    Fox team…I am eagerly waiting for that day when you’ll post the final story project…✌

  3. masbuenoqueelpan

    compadre le felicito por el trabajo
    muy bueno

    fijese que tengo una estrella porno latina que esta como sabrosa, es colombiana, esta buenisima
    le molestaría que yo le mostrara a esa zorra para ver si le llama la atención
    saludos compa

  4. Is that a possible cock size for a normal guy? if yes, please tell me where I can find him. dammit Mr. Foxxx that’s huge. Huge cocks and short girls make that fireworks happen. Kudos man

  5. Nice body love this

  6. Sup Foxxx…Any thoughts of an Azalea comic on the horizon?

  7. princeedward520

    hi I just wanted ask if you know the artist Vivian booty? if yes! do you know his/her website?

  8. Man look at her size and that cock. It’s almost half her size.. he will kill her if he tries to stick it all in.

  9. La verdad este diseño demuestra que te superas a vos mismo en lo que te gusta.La pose y la exprecion en su rostro en la primera foto la vuelve una venus del mejor sueño erotico.En gorro es un detalle que le da una particularidad a su personalidad.Esos volubles y destellates pechos junto con el detalle de los pezones te atrapan como luz ultravioleta a insectos.
    No se que rol tenes planeado para este personaje pero quedaria bien como si fuera una hermana mayor que cuida cuida a le gusta cuidar y animar a su hermano menor,que su profesión fuera estudiante universitaria.
    Con respecto al diseño si hicieras las pantorrillas mas delgadas sobresaltarias mas los muslos y el trasero.Si la hicieras en una historia erotica deberia tener sexo con una persona un poco mas baja que ella o que ella tuviera una estatura promedio,como 167 cm,para disfrutar mas de su cuerpo.Y que la historia tenga mas variedad de poses y expreciones de la pasion del momento.Esto ultimo estaria bueno que tambien lo apliques en tus demas historias,los principios y los finales estan exelentes,pero deeberias trabajar un poco mejor el desarrollo en el medio.
    Espero que sigas disfrutando de tu trabajo.

  10. O_O SCHA-WING!!!! I think my pants might have been ripped. I just want to grab her ass and have her riding my cock while getting fucked standing up, her legs wrap around me while she’s playing with her massive melons. To finally cum deep inside her pussy in that position.

    Hope that she appears on a story soon or at least a bit bigger gallery because this teaser is just not enough, so keep up the good work. Also may I sujest Whitney Wonders and Sara Jay as possible models for future projects?

    Hope to see more of your AWESOME!!! work soon.

    • I already have many ideas for Heather, we will read her interview soon. I dont make real-life models, I only did Coco long time ago but that kind of models take longer. I have to do Ryan Conner and Phoenix Marie in my started projects though. Thank you :)

  11. they look good togheter ^^ love to see a short girl :D

  12. Wow what a huge cock for a thick woman. Great work :D

  13. princeedward520

    hi there do you have a tumblr page i can goto

  14. princeedward520

    Hi there I want to know if the artist ace has website I can visit to view his/her work

  15. Looking forward to more of that kind sir…=)

  16. That there is my kryptonite…

  17. Gorgeous just gorgeous

  18. Beautiful shape she got there

  19. jesus torrealba

    es una especie de pitufina sexagerada y golosa, excelente :-)

  20. I wish to give you a story

  21. woww! esa chaparrita esta demasiado sexy jejejeje


  23. Very nice…but i need new stories…thank you

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