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Rachel Dumass – Upgrade

Rachel Dumass was the first model I made after my computer crashed over a year ago and I always wanted to make some changes on her. So I changed her hairstyle, I made some small facial corrrections and also I worked on her body, she now has kinda bigger ass. But she’s still the same dumb ex-pornstar :D

I hope do more stories about her in the near future.


  1. frankly speaking, I just wished all women are as curvy as this naturally.

  2. Very enchantress…
    This chick has the perfect body no corrections needed for sure, I think instead of cherry red hair…Rachel will look more fascinating with “Dark chocolate brown hair” or else “Honey blonde with brown”

  3. I still have a warm spot in my pants for her original look. That’s not to say the new one isn’t hot either. Or anything less then gorgeous.

  4. nice work. Hope to see more on nephew’s arrival

  5. Ooooo damn she looks good. She looks amazing dude. Well done.

  6. Hi Dear
    I Love You ( The Foxxx )
    Thank you for all this creativity and talent .
    I hope you are always in good spirits and health.
    Your work is very beautiful.


    Best Regards

  7. Muy bueno tu trabajo, igual podrias hacer algo nuevo de karol

  8. WOW!!!!! She was hot before but now I wanna fuck my computer screen!

  9. I definitely like this new look more.
    The red hair makes her sassy :D – she is a real MILF now!

    Previously she used to be my least favorite model but now I’m not sure.

    And her body is even more gorgeous btw ;)

  10. She looks awesome but I think the previous hairstyle was better, it fit more to the European heritage her last name implied. This seems more American

  11. Que puedo agregar… Nada. Fantastico como siempre Foxx. Me encanta tus trabajos, y aunque no lo creas, no hay algo que se parezca a tu trabajo, en la web. Gracias por compartirlo.
    pd: Espero el capitulo de Roxy y su sobrino en la ducha)

  12. abidemi Bidexman

    Good keep it up guy

  13. PR3C1S1ON F3R4L1ZE

    She’s gorgeous! nice one.

  14. Jesus, with all the great work you’ve been doing you deserve a BJ or two xD

  15. Very lovely..keep it flying

  16. Te quedo muy bien, pero en mi humilde opinión me gustaba mas el modelo anterior

  17. me gusta como le dejastes ese lunar sensual que tiene en el labio

  18. Hermano esta genial.esa es mi favorita.
    Excelente trabajo como siempre.

  19. This is cool nice creation

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