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Teacher Azalea & Adrian McCockin

I have noticed that I need male performers so I’m thinking of making male models based on real-life people(like avatars) to include them in my 3D world. So far I have made this avatar “Adrian McCockin” based on the artist wappah’s avatar. I am also creating my avatar to have some fun with my girls :lol: … Let me your feedback about if you would like to be in my universe. Maybe I can make a contest.

BTW, Adrian McCockin is a 18 years old student from Jack Koff High School. I made this picset by way of introduction but I already have in mind a project for this character.


  1. Stephen Appiah Yeboah

    I have enjoyed your story. Pls keep it up.

  2. Dammmmmm make me wanna hop it up a knotch keep up dat bro if u need any hi ideas im here

  3. His.. I’m new here but really impressed by your work… keep it up fam. If you need a male you can hook up with me, I will like to appear in any of your series…

  4. Wow itx a very grt art work keep it up

  5. william dyttel

    pls foxxx am new here,what should I do not to miss any story here…And please do u have WhatsApp account

  6. hey foxxx do you have a facebook page where i can read your stories.

  7. When is it ready to show us? It is amazing man! please start doing that very soon.

  8. Mister Cap Jnr

    Really need to be a character on your project, hit me back.

  9. Man why all Azalea’s stories are not here on your website like “the teacher Azalea’s secret”? Aren’t all her stories yours?

  10. I’d love to be a model for your 3d world… Though I think this model does look a bit like me… xD

  11. Could have sworn u would say Azalea b/c she seems like a fan favorite. Gabriela may soon take that torch b/c she is soooo sexcellent. Never had a dream/desire about a 3d woman before but u sir came along and changed that

  12. When about to be another story about Azaleas?

  13. I swear I need to see/hear Azalea getting it. How far down da road is that?

  14. Hai foxxx…..how are you?????….

  15. Hello foxxx…
    When are you going to make a story about roxy on the beach with a nephew??…You’ve made a perfect masterpiece of teacher azalea….so amazing canon story you made about they…Pleasseeee foxxx,,,I hope you can quickly finish a short canon story about roxy and her nephew on the beach….

  16. Roxy whether the story about his nephew would continue??… I’m curious about the rest of the story?….Especially roxy will wear a bikini in the beach??
    I can not wait to see that…If roxy will make love with her nephew?…Pleassee make a SHORT CANON STORY about they…worth the wait goes….Pleasseeee foxxx

  17. Halo foxxx….
    How are you??? I hope you always keep the best..
    Pleasseeee make a short canon story about roxy..
    I wonderrr…..how they can get married,how the excitement of their wedding,the most important story of the first night roxy with her husband…pleasseèee foxxx….

  18. excelente trabajo man, pero porque siempre nos dejas con las ganas de ver la accion.jejeje
    gracias por compartirlo y por favor subi algo!!!

  19. This is the first time I’ve seen your work and I am officially a new fan!!! I loooove it. If I too (my imvu avatar) can have the privilege of becoming immortalized lol I would absolutely love that. I’m on Tumblr as MzStorm and Mrs Storm Royale (one word) on imvu. Keep up the excellent work you are simply awesome!!!!

  20. Can I write a history with Azalea e send for you?A history bentween Azalea and me

  21. i have seen some comics of azalea, being fucked by his students, why you dont upload that in this page?

  22. Just a thought but how bout your take on Lana Kane. We can finally see her f’d right

  23. vaya que esta bien armado este chico, definitivamente mucho mas que mis muchachitos Robbie y Hugh, aunque esta algo delgado no me desagradaria tenerlo en mi consultorio un dia para darle una terapia escolar jejejeje

  24. Has uno con uno de tus fans, haces una petición de rostros y el que te paresca mas ideal para un 3D pues lo eliges, te hemos apoyado hace mucho, merecemos un regalito jeje, saludos bro, me gusta su trabajo, aunque sacar unas cuantas en espanish no seria mal 😉✌

  25. Amazing man! you are the best!

  26. Awesome,
    u rock man.
    ur girls r big so they need BIG stuff so keep improving males and try some demons and monters with (Gabriela)Lara Croft.
    looking forward for ur great work.

  27. Jack Koff Micockin

    Nice work. Male looks very proportionate

  28. Like always there is nothing to hate about your work it even motivated myself enough to start drawing myself i would really appreciate it if i could send them to you for your opinion ofc only if you have some free minutes it would mean a lot as they are still very amateur-ish. Love your work and in my opinion you are the best 3d artist right now. About the bbc thing i dont think it is a sign of increativity as it is the story that show off the creativity of the team working behind it. Keep you awesome work up and cant wait to see your next comic.

    Your mate asdfgh13

  29. Hi Dear ….
    Very Very Nice …..
    Azalea is a wonderful character.
    Again, thank you for your beautiful work.
    Azalea you’re very well designed.
    Azalea’s as if they know.
    I’m still waiting for your nice work.

    bless you…….. Good Friend

  30. For my opinion. Superb work!!! Her body is undeniably sexcellent!! Gosh I cant get enough of seeing her Lily and Gabriella. They make u wanna have that ”one wish”!!! To turn 3D and fuck em unconsciously!!! Keep rolling ’em out Foxxx

  31. Why’s it have to be another black dude? The whole “bbc” thing is way overdone in modern-day porn. It’s kind of annoying and un-creative if you ask me.

  32. Amazing bro! i wanna join to the fun! hehe. Please keep it with your amazing work of Milf and young boys.

  33. Wow wow 3d work. … pls make a guy to fuck azelea hard. … or create my photo to fuck a busty beautiful lady….. I’m hungry to do with her… plz Foxxx. …. you are my favourite.

  34. Oh lo haras con fans de la pagina? 😳😳😳
    Asi para ponerte un link de foto de mía.😁😁😁

  35. Yes please make an avatar of me where I get to fuck Azalea. I want to be the guy she can’t get enough of and always hurting her. Practically I’m too big for her and she can’t take it and want me to take it out all the time. She never gets use to it EVER. I just want to see her showing pain

  36. the-rock-dwayne-johnsons-at-big-muscular-size-2013-2014.jpg

    Mmm queria bien que sea MonsterCock jajaj

  37. Can I be included into your 3D world? Could I make a request if added to the roster, I could be a tiny too? As I am a macrophiliac, hehe. :P

  38. I love this so much & the other guys art work! 😃👍🏼

    I love big butts and I cannot lie!

    WITNESS ME!!!! 😈

  39. Foxxx…
    Thanks for your surprises…the best for you…
    I always waiting your next project about lily…

  40. Sweet stuff I would like to be inside your world… i can send my photo

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