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[Episode 3] How I met Rachel

Hey there!

I just wanted to make a few renders of Rachel on a bodysuit but the project grew in the last days and we did this canon story.聽Thereby we began a new canon series with聽Rachel. Besides聽my avatar character does his debut in my universe.



    great idea. real story

  2. Sweet story keep it up

  3. Raul sanchez ortiz

    Excelente trabajo felicidades sigue a si, Soy nuevo y tengo que admitir que me encanto tu trabajo
    Las modelos que mas me gustaron fueron ..Azalea, Rachel y Roxy
    Tengo dos preguntas 1.-驴 Has pensado en hacer una modelo lesbiana o historia l茅sbica y 2.-驴 Hay una abra mas historia de Rachel Azela Y Roxy …Gracias por tu tiempo saludos.

  4. I love this story

  5. tendr谩 que seguir este c贸mic es muy bueno

  6. Kero v锚 o final todo dessa historia

  7. oye necresito saber donde te puedo enviar material para ver si puedes con el hacer alguna buena historia, mas que mal eres el creador de una de las mas excelentes historias eroticas que he visto en la red muy parecido sera tu exito si sigues en esta linea al que tuvo un artista destacado llamado serpieri, el cual creo un comix llamado drunna, espero sinceramente, que mas alla de el erotismo que trasmites, tengas exito

  8. es excelente la grafica y el erotismo puro para tus creaciones ojala puedas continuarla

  9. amigo cuando acabas esta serio

  10. por que no haces videos seria genial amigo

  11. I would suggest thicker calves.

  12. I love Rachel. Please do more with her and Azalea. So far these two are my favorites. Putting them in these realistic scenario-type stories make it a worthwhile read!

  13. Cool ! She is beautiful !!

    I would love to see her with very higher heels, she will be so tall <3

  14. Omg……she looks so fucking good in that outfit. Man I really love the level of Quality you put into your renders, always a joy to watch.

  15. SIR

  16. We need lilly & Reed …… Plzplz I’m so mad on it….. Don’t cheat me…..

  17. Foxxx…
    Now i want to ask why the canon story about lily with reed fiance disappeared from the proiect you working on?…Why?..Is it because it was too long not finished??…
    All your model is very remarkable,especially roxy and lily….can you finished first story about lily on your sidebar???…
    Because is too long to your finished…
    Thanks Foxxx..

  18. Can not wait to see Lily in her escapades. From da homeless to da big tippers and managers at da strip club. She needs to be ravaged

  19. Tiene que colocar acci贸n en esos
    C贸mica por que sino uno as铆 se

  20. Siempre esas historia sin terminanar
    Muy malo

  21. I love Lily too…
    Maybe I Have a story idea about lily…
    Her character is a story is nuns….What if the title story” Last day she in convent”…How did he remember those childhood until he becomes an adult in convent….
    Maybe he wanted a bath for the last time at the convent…I willy would have to see him a bath…certainly very amazing….Hopefully could be a story a idea about lily…
    Pleasee Foxxx…

  22. Just when I finally recover from Azalea, KABOOM! Rachel. Now to find out were she shops!

  23. I have the feeling this is going to be a nude photo shoot

  24. Foxxx…
    Please complete your proiect about canon story lily….seems to have a long not resolved…
    Make a curious….Pleasee foxxx..
    I can not wait to see lily with her beautiful body…All your Model is so amazing…
    Thanks foxxx..

  25. Hai foxxx….
    Your work is extraordinary…rachel like a real women to me…she is very beautiful and wonderful for clay…I wish i could meet a women like that in the supermarket…
    Nice work..real good job..foxxx…

  26. Great work!! Your art is the best. Your models are amazing. Is this going to develop into a great story that ends very happy?

  27. Great story mate! love it, i have a question, how long time does it take to make a comic with same amount of pages like this one? Many artmakers like urself says u dont have time and such, but lets say u ONLY spend all ur time on making comics, then how much time does it take to make a comic in ur mind?

  28. Awesome story. … sexy busty Rachel suit … nice ass…… love it Ummmmmmmmma. ……..

  29. Como siempre EXCELENTE HERMANO! Tus mujeres son tan sensuales y tus historias nos mantienen con la curiosidad. Ya quiero ver que tipo de fotos le toman a esta hermosura.

  30. Anyway I can contribute to your site?! Very big fan and can’t wait til u have hundreds of these so I can indulge myself!!! Question, do u get turned on by your own work? Just curious

  31. cuanto tiempo te llavas en hacer estos trabajos ?

  32. wow sexy comic bro i wish i could stick my nose up Rachel,s big ass :)

  33. Hi Dear .. … ..

    I thank your unique talent .
    This is great ….. Thanks a lot .
    Your trades are very rare .
    so long live ……….

    Good luck my friend ……….

  34. please get to the sex on this one soon. would love to see these two go at it.

  35. Haz uno que salgan esas nalgotas perfectas que haces…
    Eres el mejor pero queremos accion bro 馃檶馃檶馃槏馃槺

  36. Porque haces historias sin terminar?

  37. Dang! Now I wan’t to visit the super market, and get me dome loins~ ^_^

    Awsome sauce boss! :)

  38. Impeccable work Foxxx! I wish u had all day to bang these out. I read and look at them all day. Keep it up man.

  39. You is Best !!!! So very, very good Job Foxxx !!! LoI

  40. Great job dude, can you make next Rachel canon story but naked one?

  41. Ughhhhh yes, can’t wait to see what comes next! Wish I could give her a boost

  42. wowww, impresionante secuencia jejejeje!!!

  43. Excelente Foxxx!!! me encanta, lastima que siempre nos dejas con las ganas de ver la acci贸n.jejeje

  44. This story is great! Very cool!

  45. Excellent story and model, hoping to be able to read the new upcoming stories.

  46. is that an ongoing comic???

  47. amazing. you going to add more pics to this story right????

  48. That’s a pretty funny story! Got to say I like your character model( I like Rachel more for obvious reasons hehehe )
    Nice work

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