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[Episode 14] Azalea’s job interview

Hi there all!

Azalea needs money to pay for the rehabilitation of her grandmother and now she has been selected for a job interview. Find out if she gets the job or not.


  1. hmmmmmmmm what really shows that, Azalea, his she going to get the Job mehnnn,,,,,,,,,,,,, hmmmmm

  2. You and rebel are a great team man! Keep up the good work guys. Azalea is one of my favorites, so damn sexy…


    LOVE U

  4. Hola camaradas latinos, me tome el trabajo de traducir lo mas prolijo que pude, para aportar algo a este gran trabajo. espero que no te moleste Foxxx.(si te molesta, retiro el post)


  5. wow your content is awsome bro keep up the good work

  6. Gracias Genio por compartir tu estupendo trabajo!!! y espero con ansias el de Dexter’s Mom y la segunda parte de The nephew’s arrival. Maestro!!!

  7. good work,but plz plz plz plz plz
    start about lara croft (gabriela).she is your best model then all.

  8. Hai foxxx…
    What next would you do???…
    Finish the story about the lily or create a new story with other models???..
    I hope you complete story about lily first…
    I can wait to see your create story again…

  9. woww, los riesgos de tener un cuerpazo son esos, siempre caer en las manos de algun pervertido, sin embargo es divertido por que nos garantiza que podemos encontrar trabajo donde sea jajajajaa

    excelente trabajo en equipo chicos!

  10. I will be reading your stories Foxxx. U rock.

  11. Great girls man, excellent.

  12. Hai foxxx…
    I can not wait to see the canon story of the lily&reed….
    Hopefully the results are so amazing…

  13. One more amazing work man, very very good. Azalea is my prefer and she is incredible in this job with her huge ass and hips. She is the perfect teacher. Anxious for more stories about her. Congratulations!!

  14. Terrific work. I’m a fan. Any chance of “Roxy’s usual special day” being posted as a comic?

  15. Piensas hacer alguna señora Claus?

  16. Hai foxxx….you are always the best….amazing story….

    • I have an idea…how about a more romantic sex scene again?…both breasts at the suction models with hard,so that the model shouted enjoyment…his whole body in a passionate kiss with passion…maybe could be presented in the story of lily&reed…so much more interesting and more made at the curious wait for the continuation of the story….

  17. Wow. Great story. Great artwork! Youre women are the best in 3D

  18. Wow wow wow wow. ….. superb sexy fatassi story Plz continue this… fuck her a student in classroom ……. The Foxxx ur awesome nd mind blowing……..

  19. Jodidamente asombroso.

  20. Hi Dear….
    Very Nice …. Very Very Sexy
    so beautiful…..
    Thank … Very Thanks……

    sincerely yours Good Luck

  21. Great read , great models, great fuck, and great fap experience over all. Job well done on this.

  22. Azalea with a hell-of-a comeback, Keep Up, Mr. FOXXX !

  23. I LOVE your work, it’s as simple as that!

    I would really enjoy you writing and illustrating a story, with one of the heroines sitting on a man’s face.
    Have you ever thought of doing that?


  24. hi foxxx , sorry not speak english. felicitaciones tus trabajos son los mejores que he visto desde 3d-darlings (eran trabajos en 3d muy buenos que hace tiempo encontre en la red) una vez mas felicitaciones pero mi problema es el idioma no entiendo mucho el ingles asi que leerlos me es dificil no entiendo mucho de la trama , asi que un favor podrias hacerlo en el formato de novela grafica asi puedo traducirlo porfis .
    una vez mas felicitaciones y me encanta AZALEA es mi milf favorita aunque las demas estan con nota 10 .
    gracias una vez mas y sigue hacienod estas chicas de fantasia por siempre.

    • Sí, yo tambien recuerdo a Babette y a las 3rd girls :)
      Respecto al idioma, la novela grafica que hice solo fue un experimento. Es un formato que voy a utilizar mas para hacer juegos o cosas especiales porque requiere mucho tiempo de trabajo. Intentamos usar un ingles llano sin recurrir al argot o a las jergas pero no podemos hacer mas que eso por ahora.

      Gracias. Encantado de que disfrutes de Azalea ;)

  25. Love the set this is easily one of my favorite characters

  26. Wow, just found this site. Feel like a kid in a candy store. Fantastic skin tones. Great work, Foxxx

  27. WOW! Fabulous CGI work! Super-sexy!!

  28. Azalea is back baby!!!!!

  29. Oh to be a student at Jack Hoff High

    Great work as always, Fox (you really just get better and better) – Though it would be great to have a look at that fat ass from Hardweiner’s POV

  30. Man… Rebel did a great job writing this story. A little green with envy at the moment. XD Good work though.

      • Hey Raj, thank you for the complement. But this was ALL Foxxx. He made the amazing art and came up with the plot. All I had to do was put in the words.

        I am always green with envy when I see Foxxx’s work and really feel lucky that he allows me to add the verbiage to his vision of how his stories goes. He really is an amazing artist.

        I’m glad you enjoyed the comic, it really was fun working on this project. It was my favorite project to work on because it was Lily. She is an incredible character and one that I really love working on. You can ask Rick, I really wanted the verbiage to be perfect for this story.. I hope we succeeded.

  31. what do you use to make this stuff? Id love to do it for my own personal reasons lol

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