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Azalea walking

A very short animation test. I’m still learning about this and I need to practice more so I will keep posting more short animatons until I can get a more powerful hardware to do bigger productions.

Stay tunned!


  1. excuse me,i’m new here and i luv all ur comics and pics but y can’t i watch dis lady walk?

  2. Waiting to hear her get fucked with a big dick hurting her!

  3. ES Azalea, se ve genial, es Impresionante el realismo de los movimientos

  4. Excellent work with natural, fluid movement. Thank you.

  5. Hi………I hope you are fine.
    Really was excellent
    Thanks for your beautiful work
    For me, you have the best design
    Good Luck

    I do not know the photo you sent that you be happy I came or not? Please feel free to shoot again I’ll post
    Your health…………

  6. This is fucking amazing! Can’t wait for more!

  7. That’s amazing! Is that Azalea? Hope you post more pics!

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