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Day with Dexter’s Mom

I wanted to do something new with Dexter’s mom so I decided to use her on my first sex loop animation. And yes, the lucky guy is an academic Mandark. Despite being a short scene, it took a lot of work.

Enjoy and comment!

“This isn’t what I had in mind when you said you were going to come over this morning and help me clean. We have been fucking all day and haven’t cleaned anything. Please hurry Manny, I’m getting very tired and my husband will be home soon.”


  1. THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  2. Sigue haciendo más, están muy buenos :)

  3. A nice standing doggy fuck would look great

  4. Too bad this Web site is Mobil friendly, it doesn’t show on my phone.

  5. Que buen trabajo!
    Tienes que hacerte un buen negocio …

  6. Very awesome. Would it be hard to do extra angles with this or for your future works? Just saying, would be a waste if we couldn’t see all those racetrack curves from other angles too.

    • It’s not hard but it takes longer. It took several days to make just one second of animation :s

      • Ah so it’s different from Source Film Maker then, sorry about that I thought it was the same with Daz wherein another angle was as easy as a couple of minutes in Source Film Maker but rendering still takes some time.

  7. hey man please, create a tutorial about your work

  8. Very good man,waiting for more.

  9. Esta Genial la animacion. alguna vez hiciste algo de los simpson?

  10. fantástico awesome con que programa se creo la animación with what program create animation

  11. Buen trabajo, yo te puedo hacer un juego flash con este poderoso material. ¿Qué dices?

    • Eso suena genial. Pero me gustaría que podamos hacer algo más producido, como un collab, porque el flash no es mi fuerte. Aunque déjame resolver primero el tema de mi software de prueba que está por vencer y es el que me permite hacer las animaciones. :)

  12. Esas animaciones que haces te estan quedando a todo dar, sigue adelante con eso.

  13. No puedo reproducirlo mediante mi móvil :(

  14. Finally, Thanx FOXXX !

  15. quedo muy bien!! felicidades!!!

  16. Hi Dear……….
    Love you in works
    Very nice

  17. Yeah I can’t see the animation either

  18. Nice dude!!!!! I wish I had the patients to do animation.

  19. I can’t see the animation for some reason

  20. Wow. Way to hit a grand slam with this one. You just getting better and better.

    P.S. Shut up and take my money!! LOL

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