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Hi, there all!

And finally here are the answers of Gabriela DeButt. Just click on this link to view her profile: Gabriela DeButt

Now, I’m going to resume working on Lily’s comic. Soon there will be news for you can participate with your stories and suggestions for future comics. Stay tunned.

Thanks to rogerdun for help with the questionnaire & for transcribing the girls’ answers.

Enjoy and comment!


  1. Random Man On Your Site

    Yooooo this girl is GREAT! You Need To Post A Comic Of What Happened At That Bachelorette Party!!!!

  2. I jus loveee
    jus wanna see m0re n m0re updates of them
    thanx u realy r the boss of comic world

  3. Cute face with heavy ass !!! Nice outfit for her , Foxxx can you increase her cleavage ?

  4. Perfect girl to my fantasy , when can we expect her in real action ? Gorgeous Girl .. Amazing

  5. Perfeito Foxxx!! como são Lindas e gostosas!!! waaauu.

  6. Well took me long enough to find your site after seeing your works here and there. I love Gabriella and the rest of your girls for their massive curves.

    Any chance we’d see any of your girls llike Gabriella and Azalea in the anal full nelson position like this http://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1648904 ?

  7. Hi….Good Friends

    Thanks For Work

    Very Nice….Merci

  8. Bueno, se la cogeran todos los tipos de hombre posibles jejeje…

  9. Gabriela Debutt seems a lot like Laura Croft, the Tomb Raider girl. Both are glamorous academic archeologists with long dark hair. But Gabriela has a more fabulously ‘stacked’ body, in the tradition of FOXXX girls. I look forward to seeing your future adventures with this gorgeous character. It looks like she may discover a sex-obsessed ancient culture (from what the stone panels show in this picture)

  10. Amazing! You got to make more scenes with her!

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