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The Alien abduction of Batbabe

I finished this minicomic based on an episode from the life of Batbabe, OC from JessyDee. In fact, she was very kind in lending me her original model which I adjust to my style and my working mode to make this minicomic. You can find JessyDee’s art and know more about her Batbabe Universe on:

Website: http://batbabemx.blogspot.com
Deviantart: http://jessydee.deviantart.com

Special thanks to:

Camille: http://camillejuteau.tumblr.com
Captain Xero: http://captainxero.deviantart.com

Enjoy and comment!


  1. thiz book is very gud . can u sent it me plizzzzzz

  2. First let me say great work you did here. I found it to be a fun and erotic read. Will this be available for download in the future?

  3. Es precioso, eres de lo mejor que he visto, pero como fan, solo como fan, siento que los mounstros necrofilia y aliens es de lo que más hay en internet en el 3D, el incesto también, madre-hijo y es algo que se consume mucho y en lo personal me gusta más, por que ya hay bastante “monster sex” esa irrealidad, prefiero imaginar que te puedes cojer a una milf de esas, es más posible jeje. Yo te apoyo en todos tus trabajos hombre, muchas gracias!

  4. olle mira foxxx ablando de extraterrestres aca en mi país an captado a uno ase pocos días seguro eran esos los de tu comics que vieron tu publicación de comic y vinieron ala tierra a aserlo con alguna modelo o actriz porno de la tierra pucha seria una locura que tus creaciones se isieran en la realidad no será que tu dibujas el futuro como en la serie héroes lo que tu dibujas el universo lo crea en serio piénsalo

  5. Fabulous! Alien abduction stories are my personal favorite (for obvious reasons).

    I was expecting that Jessica/Batbabe would get “probed” against her will on the UFO. (That is the usual alien abduction story.) So it was surprising when Jessica got sexually aggressive and suddenly grabbed the horny alien pair, taking one in her mouth and jamming the other to her needful pussy. For me, this was very hot!!

    Those little grey guys have a penis-to-body size ratio that approaches my own in its sheer cosmic immensity. This makes the human/alien sex look very hot, even if may seem weird to many Earthlings (but not to me). In particular, the simultaneous-reverse-cowgirl-plus-fully-mounted-tittyfuck position (comic panels 13-16) is rarely attempted in terrestrial sex, but it is actually the most common sex position throughout the Carina Spiral Arm of the galaxy where I come from, and where I cum, period.

    Thanks Rick & Camille for a very fun story!!

  6. que buen comic ahora solo falta uno de otra de tus modelos pero con ogros tipo el estilo de moiarte esos que te pase sus link aca te lo dejo revisalos son muy buenos parece que ustedes 2 fueran hermanos piensan y dibujan igual si se juntasen y isieran un comic los 2 juntos seria épico xd asta podrían aser su empresa o negocio y ganarían dinero con los susucriptores

  7. Thanks Rick for having created this really nice looking Comics, it been a serious pleasure to be you’re writer for this project. I’m really attached to the character of Jesse Dee Ruiz, it’s awesome that we been able to do a Comics with her. I’m personally excited for what’s coming next…

    To the readers of the web-site, I’m hoping that you are all going to stick with us to see the other Comics and projects that we are planning for you.

  8. Hi….
    Really thank you……
    Very beautiful…..Pluperfect

    I enjoy the photos…..Again you send…….
    You’ll be waiting for other jobs

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