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Brigitte Dumass

Hi, there all!

We asked our lovely THE FOXXX girls to fill out questionnaires with wide-ranging questions about themselves, their jobs, their boyfriends and their life histories. All of the girls were very cooperative, even answering provocative questions about their private sex lives, and possible sexual fetishes. Thanks to rogerdun for help with the questionnaire & for transcribing the girls’ answers.

Here are the answers of Brigitte, the cheerleader. Just click on this link: Brigitte Dumass

Enjoy and comment!


  1. Wow it’s attractive and hot

  2. Hi
    Very sexy _ Very Nice

    Brigitte Dumass

  3. Wowzer-dowzer! If that skirt was any shorter, it would be a garter belt. In other words, it’s the perfect cheerleader uniform! And I think that you’ve created the perfect cheerleader to wear it.

  4. Que buen trabajo amigo sigue asi pero porfavor sube un comic de gabriela y gracias x tus creaciones

  5. Just finished with the interview of Brigitte. Wow… so pretty and man what a body. But those answers though. Poor girl.

    Still, at least she’s happy with herself.

    Any chance in the future we’ll see her take on some big black cocks? Seeing how that’s her kink and all. ^^

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