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Hi, there!

We asked our lovely THE FOXXX girls to fill out questionnaires with wide-ranging questions about themselves, their jobs, their boyfriends and their life histories. All of the girls were very cooperative, even answering provocative questions about their private sex lives, and possible sexual fetishes. Thanks to rogerdun for help with the questionnaire & for transcribing the girls’ answers.

We start by publishing the answers of Mrs. Dumass. Just click on this link: Rachel Dumass

Enjoy and comment!


  1. Que buen trabajo amigo sigue asi y porfavor sube un comic de gabriela
    Y gracias por acernos deleitar con tu trabajo, Buen dia…!

  2. Very very good, you are amazing dude! me and me girlfriend enjoy whit your work, we wanna see incest work from you, should be… U AMAZING ABRO!!!!

  3. Hi….Good friends
    Very Nice …….

    Story . Story . Story…….Please …..


  4. I love this girl, keep it up !

  5. Wow, I really hope that whole series of “Bunnie Bendover’s Backdoor Buttstravaganza” surfaces soon…

    • I have the whole series, Bunnie Bendover’s Backdoor Buttstravaganza I – VIII, but it was only released on VCR tape. Once you see this, you can never look at female posteriors in same way again. It is a Crime Against Humanity that the whole eight-part Buttstravaganza has not been made available via hi-res streaming & blu-ray!

  6. I totally would kill to have Tiana in this pose. Nice work Foxxx! I just realized she’s on her tiptoes. Wow! That some skill on her.

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