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Melvin’s Lucky Day

This story is based on Dexter’s mom images’ set. It was written by Roger Dunn.

There is also a render more that I did especially for this story.

Enjoy and comment!

Melvin’s Lucky Day

– OR –

The Asstounding, Moonumental, Hamtastically
Rumptuous & Buttacularly Bootyful
Wonder-Fanny of Dexter’s Mom !

by Roger Dunn

Melvin Meeker and Dexter Buttafuoco were best friends in high school, and co-founders of the ‘Physics is Phun’ Club.’ Everyone at school called them ‘nerds,’ and all the girls ignored them. But Melvin didn’t mind. He didn’t like high-school girls anyway. Melvin always preferred to look at pictures of mature women with broad, bouncy butts when he jacked off. He was a fanatical horndog for bottom-heavy MILFs (Mothers I’d Love to Fuck).

Melvin wasn’t athletic, but he was blessed with a huge cock. (It’s beefy size and heft astounded Dexter when they were dressing for Phys Ed class!) Melvin knew that his cock was special, and that some older women love boys with huge dicks. But he was too shy to talk to any older women. So he just surfed to ‘MILF-BUTTS.com’ on his iPod, where he could always dream, then cream.

One afternoon Dexter invited Melvin over to his house to work on a science project. That’s when Melvin finally met Dexter’s Mom…


Mrs. Buttafuoco was cleaning the kitchen when Melvin came in. Although she was wearing an apron, Melvin could see that she had wonderfully huge bazooms, and—even more thrilling to the horny science student—incredibly wide, luxurious, womanly hips with thick, luscious thighs! He was so excited that he barely managed to choke out the words: “Oh, hello, Mrs. Buttafuoco. I’m Melvin? I’ve come to work with Dex on our physics report…?”

“Hi there Melvin!” said the glamorous redhead, with a little giggle. “Dexter told me all about you, and your special…talents! *giggle* He also told me that you would be coming today…”


Mrs. Buttafuoco put down her mop and turned to get a wooden rolling-pin from the counter; and as she turned, Melvin saw that she had the most fabulously broad and sumptuous ass he had ever seen, with big, round, bouncy, rear-mounted ‘butt-pontoons’ beyond his wildest dreams!

The housewife just smiled as the horny nerd stared at her palatial rear-end. “Well, Melvin,” she said, “Now that we have finally met, I hope that you will come here often, and a lot, from now on!” Then she began absent-mindedly stroking the rolling-pin in her gloved hands, clasping it in her curled fingers and sliding her rubber gloves up and down.

Melvin was thrilled but confused. ‘Come here often, and a lot?’ What did that mean? Had she said ‘C-O-M-E’ or ‘C-U-M’? And why was she stroking a baking implement in that wonderfully naughty, probably obscene way? Melvin’s huge dick was starting to form a ‘circus tent’ in his trousers. He didn’t know what to say. “Oh, golly, Mrs. Buttafuoco—” he stammered shyly.

“Melvin-honey,” she said. “please call me by my first name: Fanny.”

Holy fuck! Her name was ‘Fanny Buttafuoco’? That sounded like a stripper’s stage name, or a porn-star’s name. Melvin stood in the kitchen, sweating and stammering, as the gorgeous MILF kept apparently ‘jacking off’ the rolling pin with her graceful, skilled, feminine hands. For Melvin, those yellow rubber-gloves only made it more sexy! There was something deliciously clinical about it, like she was an expert at pleasuring and jacking out a man’s sperm!

Meanwhile Fanny was watching Melvin’s rising ‘trouser-tent’, and giggling with delight. “Oh my, Dexter told the truth! You really are a big, healthy boy!” she said,

Just then, Dexter shouted from the dining room. “Hey Mel, get in here! Let’s get this report done!”

After leaving Dexter and his Mom, Melvin raced home on his bike because he was giddy with happiness and dying to jack off. In short, Melvin Meeker was in LOVE!

From that day forward, Melvin yearned with relentless, agonizing horniness to get alone with glamorous Fanny and her glamourous fanny! But it wasn’t until the following Saturday that he had a chance. That’s when Dexter was away at the Regional Math Tournament. Melvin called Fanny on her cell phone, planning to say that he needed to come over and pick up some physics notes from Dexter’s bedroom, as a ruse. But he didn’t need any ruse!

“Oh, Melvin-honey, you’re just the ‘big boy’ I was hoping to hear from!” she said. “My husband Dick isn’t here now, Honey. And that cheating louse thinks he’s foolin’ me? But I put spyware on his phone. So now I can read every one of their filthy text messages to each other!”

“What?” said Melvin.

“I’ll tell you what: Dick is banging his secretary, a bitchy little slut from Venezuela with big ‘guava melons’ —that’s what! And, well, two can play at that game! Or should I say: four?”

“Huh?” said Melvin, now utterly confused.

“Just get over here, Melvin-honey, will ya’? I need comfort in my time of marital crisis. And you got the kind of ‘comfort’ I need… I’d guess about 14 inches of it! *giggle* ”


As Melvin rode his bike up the hill to Dexter’s house, pumping hard on the pedals, he tried to sort out what was going on. You would think that with names like ‘Dick and Fanny Buttafuoco,’ Dexter’s parents’ married life would be a non-stop, porno-quality, rear-entry fuckfest. But in reality, Dexter often complained about his parents’ loud arguments. And now it seemed that Dick was out getting some fanny, so Fanny was looking to get some dick! Melvin was just the lucky nerd caught in the middle, with the designated member!

When he got there, ‘Fanny Buttfuck’ (as he liked to think of her) was waiting for him in the kitchen, wearing only her apron, rubber gloves, and high heels. “Oh silly me,” she giggled, “I ‘forgot’ to put on my clothes!”

What the slutty MILF did next took Melvin’s breath away. She spread her legs, and began to sway her broad hips from side to side, bumping and grinding like a stripper, to show off her sumptuous ‘glamour-hams’ for the wide-eyed, well-hung boy. Those two big globes of female flesh bounced and jiggled before Melvin’s eyes in their obscene abundance and fuck-ready voluptuousness. “You like, ‘Big Boy’?” she teased, and giggled.


Melvin’s huge dick was telescoping-out fast, like a cantilevered construction crane being deployed at a skyscraper building-site. He fumbled to undo his belt and zipper, struggling to get his newly primed and launch-ready ‘Saturn V love-rocket’ free. He couldn’t wait to pile-drive into that wide, bouncy load of grade-A MILF ‘rump-meat’!

The lucky nerd had two delicious holes to choose from. He only wished that he had two dicks! But he would have to ram into her tight butthole later. Right now he yearned to hose a gallon-load of sperm into her sweet, sassy pussy! He would use his long fuckstick to enter her from behind, so he could fully enjoy her massive, smooth-skinned, twin-globed hindquarters as he deliciously seeded her!

When Melvin’s trousers finally hit the floor, Fanny gasped with delight. “Oh, Melvin-honey!” she giggled. “Now I can see why you are almost certain to get into M.I.T.*!”

[* Massachusetts Institute of Technology ]

Melvin dragged his rigid man-probe down the crack of her fabulous ass, tantalizing her, teasing her cute puckered butthole with his swollen dickhead before finding her feminine love-flower…

“Well, I’m not in MIT yet…” he grunted, as his cocktip probed and parted the dewy petals of her precious womanhood. He pushed gently, using the huge, flared crown of his cock to insistently spread open her moist, needy honey-pot. “But…I have applied… EARLY ADMISSIONS!” he groaned as he thrust hard and slid into her hot, tight, slippery love-tunnel.

“Oh, God!” she squeaked with surprise and pleasure. “Tell me your SAT* scores!”

[* Scholastic Aptitude Test ]


Melvin was inside Fanny’s heavenly fuckhole now, sliding and pistoning his jumbo, stonehard ‘sperm-shooter’ in long, deep, smooth-suction, exquisitely nasty pleasure-strokes. “780 verbal,” he grunted, “and 800 in math.”

“Oh! A perfect score in math,” Fanny squealed, wiggling her broad rear like a nasty whore as she thoroughly enjoyed his vigorous dicking. “Oh, fuck me harder! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” She then shuddered in ecstasy, her body wracked by a seismic orgasm of at least ELEVEN on the ‘Dicked-her Scale.’ (The first of many such pleasure-rushes, thanks to Mel’s massive horsedick’s dimensions, plus, he reckoned, his facility with standardized tests. Just call him ‘Melvin the LOVEhammer!’)


Melvin had been so focused on Fanny’s bountiful ass that he hadn’t given due attention to her big, bouncy ‘funbags’. So he reached now for her fabulously large bazooms, and held them in his cupped hands, enjoying their soft squashy coolness, their ample milk-weight and heft. They were so big that pale, supple titflesh spilled over his hands. He bounced them up and down as he luxuriously fucked her.

“So ya’ like big tits, do ya, ‘big boy’?” teased Fanny.

“My specialty is ass. But I do enjoy bra-busting ‘milk balloons’ like these. Or should I say ‘dairy torpedoes’.”

“Well I hear you’re smart with numbers, so consider these stats: 46—24—58!”


Melvin groaned with pleasure . A forty-six inch bust and—even more thrilling—a fifty-eight-inch butt! This woman’s body was just a perfect ‘baby-making machine,’ with wide child-bearing hips—ample, fertile breeding-haunches ideal for carrying and birthing babies (and so sumptuously ‘padded’ in the rear!)… plus those fabulously suckable, high-capacity ‘milk dispensers’ up top, ready for her lucky baby’s ‘feeding time’!

Melvin’s hands moved down to greedily explore Fanny’s fanny. Her exquisite ‘twin moon-cheeks’ were gloriously broad: big globes of flawless creamy skin. He paused for a moment to slap them and feel them wobble, enjoying their supple voluptuousness. Then he roughly grabbed the obscene bonanza of pale, sassy, squashy, fleshy, jiggle-bumpin’ rump-meat between his hands, and really humped hard! He loved the cock-sensation of thrusting deep inside her, and then feeling her pussy tightly grip his turgid fuckstick as he withdrew on the backstroke, as she tried to draw out his sperm. Oh yes: she wanted his seed.

“Give it to me now, you big-dick stud!” pleaded Fanny, legs spread wide, arching her back to stick out her rear, wiggling it lewdly between his grasping hands. She was just a bitch in heat now. “Fuck me hard and blow your hot load into me! It’s time to cum, to shoot it into me good! Pleeeeeeeeease! I need ya’ to fill me up with sperm!”

Melvin jammed his ramrod fuckpole into her faster and faster, wildly jackhammering her with greedy thrusts like a rutting animal. He felt the pleasure-rush building in his loins as he grew more and more desperate for wet release, consumed by his nasty male fuck-needs, crazed with his urgent need to seed and breed this gorgeous, huge-titted, fabulously-broad-hipped bitch …until his twitching ‘cum-cannon’ finally erupted in a frenzy of pure ecstatic pleasure, and he started firehosing hot splooge up her glory-hole, grunting and blasting all his thick, spermy semen into her wide, accepting haunches, grabbing her wonderfully ample, wonderfully wide ass–– that fleshy bonanza of bouncy feminine rump-flesh––and just ramming, pumping, unloading deep into her fertile, womanly loins with furious rutting and wet orgasmic pleasure-spurts, totally blowing out his fucking gonads into this gorgeous MILF slut, lost in savage, mind-exploding spastic squirting ravages of sublime, cum-gushing testosterone musclefucking ecstasy, blasting everything he had deep into the ground-zero of Fanny’s tight, pleasure-gripping, cock-milking, overflowingly sploochy, pouty, cumdump spermhole!

He came out of it in a daze. Cum was spewed all over Fanny’s butt and dripping out of her flooded pussy. Melvin found himself stumbling outside in the sunlight. He had so thoroughly drained his balls into her, that he felt weak-kneed and woozy as he coasted his bike down the hill. God, what a perfect fuck! Melvin was so totally in LOVE with Dexter’s Mom that he felt like he was floating on air.

At home he could do nothing but lie around in a state of bliss. And then, just hours later, another truly wonderful thing happened to Melvin. A fat letter from MIT came to his home mailbox. He was accepted!

He could hardly believe it! He jumped back on his bike and rode back up the hill to show the letter to Dexter’s Mom, and to Dexter! Both his application and his sperm had been accepted on the same day— and both by his first-choice of possible institutions or females! It was the most wonderful, most perfect day in his whole life!

And he stayed ecstatically happy for several minutes, until he met Dexter’s Dad sitting on the front steps of Dexter’s house, and Dexter’s Dad beat the living crap out of him.


Melvin was in intensive care for three weeks. His broken ribs, concussion, and contusions slowly healed. When he finally got out of the hospital, Dick and Fanny Buttafuoco had divorced, and Dexter would no longer speak to him.

But Melvin did very well at MIT. During his sophomore year, he invented an app for iPhones and Android called MILFButtSeeker®. When you load the app on your phone, it searches the internet for all available data about big-butted mature women in your neighborhood. Then it tracks all this prime maternal hind-meat via GPS, giving you a constantly-updated map showing how all the vintage, over-35 cabooses are moving about in your region, or worldwide!

It was a huge, break-out success! Melvin dropped out of MIT to run the company. And in a subsequent IPO, his controlling share of MILFButtSeeker®, Inc. became worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Melvin J. Meeker was now an almost-billionaire, ‘jet-setting’ playboy tech entrepreneur. Yet he never could forget his One True Love: Dexter’s Mom, who had reverted, after her acrimonious divorce, to her maiden name of ‘Fanny Boffing.’ Melvin showered Fanny with lavish gifts, including cash, securities and real estate. His generosity, plus his lack of insistence on a prenuptial agreement, eventually managed to win Fanny’s butt in marriage.

Dexter’s Mom looked so gorgeous in her white wedding dress! If anything, her rear end was getting bigger and more bouncy as it matured and improved.


Dexter himself finally got over his resentment toward his old schoolmate and attended Melvin and Fanny’s gala wedding. Melvin was so happy to be friends again with Dexter! After the wedding, Melvin was Dexter’s step-dad, despite being four months younger. Melvin was always very generous to his step-son. Using the essentially unlimited funds that he had earned from MILFButtSeeker®, Melvin got top-of-the-line video-game consoles, which he assembled into an awesome monster system, configured to switch at will between all major gaming platforms, with gargantuan 3-D screens and wrap-around speakers, plus tweeters and sub-woofers, and all the latest and best games to share with Dexter. The whole humungous set-up was totally kickass.

After that, on any given day, Melvin and Dexter, father and son, could be found munching delicious, unlimited snack foods without regard for nutrition, while engaged in boisterous gaming marathons, with pauses only for Melvin to go fuck Dexter’s Mom, before getting back to the raucous gaming action!

And whenever Dexter teased Mel for spending so much time porking his Mom, Melvin would say: “Hey, I’m just a visitor in there! You’re the lucky sonofabitch who got to spend nine whole months inside her awesome vagina!”

Inevitably, after playing all day and all night, the two generations of gamers would get exhausted. That’s when Melvin would stumble back to the bedroom and lay with his head cradled between the pale, cool, firm-yet-fleshy, bouncy butt-globes of Dexter’s Mom’s broad, commodious posterior, lolling and reveling in its fleshy, creamy-skinned opulence and fertility; and he would begin to slowly drift toward sleep in a state of pure bliss…

He was ecstatically happy, lounging in that palatial butt, safe between those thick womanly thighs, until he heard a strange, shrill, persistent sound, the beeping of a heart monitor; and he woke from his dream to realize that he was still in the Intensive Care Unit, only hours after being beaten to a bloody pulp by Dick (Dexter’s Dad).



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