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The Bimbo Mermaid

Mermaids are my favorite fantasy character so I decided to start a canon series featuring one of them. I’ve already made a mermaid a few years ago but I lost it on my PC crash. I have many ideas for this new girl who joins to the roster. BTW, I still dont have a name for her so suggestions are welcome if you have an original name for this bimbo mermaid.


  1. Where can we get more stories

  2. Foxx I have not seen all the Bimbo mermaid series. I am very interested and hope this is going to be a wonderful series.

  3. Why not Allura – sounds like a nice name for a mermaid/siren :)

  4. What’s the real sense of paying patreon? Just help? Or does it have benefits like access to more images?

  5. Humina humina humina

  6. Do you like Atar(gatis)? She was a mermaid goddess.
    Or you could name her as one of the Ariel’s sisters:
    Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista or Andrina 
    Please note all mermaid names start with A

  7. CLARA would be a nice name

  8. Very good stuff. Maybe you could do a story with her and some pirates/sailors.

    I would suggest the name Anna.

  9. Que puedo decirte??? nada, genial como siempre, siempre pendiente de tu estupendo trabajo. espero verla en acción pronto!!!

  10. Very Nice One, my name suggestion would be Sophie. Dunno why but I see her and the name just pops up. Keep it coming (no pun intended) and hope to see even more of your beyond belief work.

  11. thank you foxxx, thank you!

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