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Karol arriving at a high society event 2

“Karol arriving in her red Porsche at a high society event where she will meet future generous “Draywood Sperm Bank” donors!”


  1. Karol looks promising, it will get nice and better as she get to meet the donors.

  2. do your models lactate???

  3. please do humpter…we love her so much…shes my personal best ;)

  4. Very Very Sexi ….

    Good job


  5. are you planning on doing something new on humpter…if so that would be awesome…she’s the best

  6. Se nota que eres un chico! El bolso siempre ha de ir a juego con los zapatos.

  7. Now that’s a lovely dress for her :D Makes me want to sketch her, then again I kinda always want to sketch your oc’s when I see you put some new things out there!

  8. Nice!
    It’s great that you are showing us more of your OCa – they are all lovely! And I don’t know if this is because you have the same preferences like I do, but you published new art of my 3 favorite characters in a roll – this is real fan service :D

    And Karol is … WOW! I’d gladly donate my sperm to her…

  9. Amazing Pics very anxious for the next Canon Story and continuation of the Roxy & DIck Series keep up the great work. Great Wishes also toward everything else as well

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