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[Episode 7] The nephew’s arrival

Hi there!

We introduce the nephew of Roxy, Richard Deimpalerev. His last name gives you an idea of what Roxy will experience. Soon we’ll see it… :)


  1. The writings are too small, making it difficult to read. If you can enlarge it a bit it will be ok. Nice story anyway but please continue.

  2. Kero vê o restante da história

  3. i really needed the rest mehnnn,, i really love the story mehnnn

  4. wowowowow nice one there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

  5. PLEASE of next parts… I <3 Roxy…

  6. Why completed not this comic.please next parts.sleeping sex,bathroom sex,STEP BY STEP FUCK THIS MILF.GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. Hai foxxx…
    What you always healthy?
    Roxy teaching yoga is no it?
    How she teaches yoga to students?..
    What he always sexy as usual?…
    Please maked story about roxy teaches yoga….

  8. Please continuity in their stories are great, but just think of the end already of a boner !!!

  9. Great work Foxxx…. When will you finish this? She is amazing woman….

  10. Hi MrFoxxx. I so love your artwork and stories. I was wondering in the future if it’s possible to do a large tall sexy mother dominating her little puny son in a future story. I seem to be falling in love with tall older big mothers dominating little sons type stories a lot and I’m constantly looking around for that theme so much.
    Other than that request, please continue to keep up the great artwork.. They are so stunning!

  11. Hai foxxx..
    I hope you will always be given healty…
    I really liked your model roxy..
    100 comment…amazing jobs,nice work foxxx..
    I have a story idea of your model roxy..
    What if roxy,husband an her nephew attended a dinner party for her husband’s business associates…
    I want to see roxy wearing a super sexy long night dress…very romantic and high class..
    I hope you want to make a story like that for me???…Pleasee Foxxx….Thanks…

  12. Hai foxxx…
    I’ve figured out the story about roxy with his nephew very most populer..roxy is very so incredible…amazing body…
    You should be proud,your work is amazing…
    Pleaseee foxxx…I am so curious about the rest of the story…Maybe you could make a short canon story about roxy with his nephew on the beach???
    Your project in sidebar is not moving…

  13. I have seen a lot of art in my days! but man you are the Cats meow! i cant express the skills i see in your work. You are truly gifted! I wish you all the best in the up coming stories! My favorite is Roxy.

  14. when is the next update?

  15. Will there be a follow up to this story? Please:-))

  16. Foxxx tnx for these man. When will you continue this series?

  17. continua con este relato dibujado por favor, hay muchos que quieren ver lo que pasa despues….continua.

  18. I hope that , when anal scenes come, you guys put attention in the details of the pain of this bitch, her asshole totaly wipe out, and latter sessions she likes it, :o

  19. this great its yours, but can i make suggestions?
    Maybe hang with his nephew almost naked like she does in her house,
    i dont know maybe going to buy bikini s, because her husband dont let her go to the beach,
    and in that place, the newphew told her about the natural of human body and she most not be ashamed, and convinces her to wear a bikini slingshot ? you know that slings that no cover the nipples, and who knows!!!! things like that,,, i love roxy!!! so inocent, i hope she turns into a total slut that get ripped anally by many guys, jejejeje.

  20. Hi dude, your art its great!!! i love this character of roxy, soy inocente and naive,
    i think the beach and things like that , put the character in moments of showing his body and she even notice what its happening, and the nephew driving her into total slut, putting her drunk and maybe doing anal gang bang with some randome strangers in some beach or party, the sky its the limit, but i really love that character, keep the great work!

  21. when will the next part be realeased

  22. I’m more hyped for this comic story then anything else. This set up was so nice, dating all the day back to the “special day” project. I can’t wait to see Roxy’s fat ass plowed. Great work!

  23. ¿Cuando subiras la continuacion de esta aventura?

    ¿Se puede saber tambien cada cuanto estaras subiendo contenido con historias?
    Entro cada dia a tu pagina jaja, espero que no dejes esta historia aca, igual como le paso DOMANDO A LEONORA.

    • Mas adelante veremos mas de esta historia. No sé cada cuanto tiempo saldrán las nuevas historias porque no me trazo esos limites. Esta historia va a continuar, pero Domando a Leonora no fue mi proyecto, sino que fue proyecto de 3DLatinazz, yo solo hice el guion. Saludos!

  24. hermano felicitaciones eres el mejor espero algún día saques una en español q tienes fans por montón gracias

  25. Hey All, this is Rebel, I have been lucky enough that Rick felt sorry enough for me to let me help write his vision to his stories. I can’t speak for Rick, but I can tell you that his has a vision for all of his story. Roxy is a pretty special character. I know Rick doesn’t want to go straight into wam bang thank you ma’am stories. He wants to build up a personality with his character. This will make it more enjoyable to watch and read. You will NOT be disappointed with what happens with Roxy and her nephew.

    Has Foxxx ever disappointed?????? No, I think this story will show you just how great Foxxx is.

    But you all have to admit, the artwork in this story is just….incredible. :D

    Nice work Rick, you amaze us with every post.

  26. Excellent!! I can’t wait to see what happens next….

  27. Hai Foxxx,,,I hope you always healthy….I have a idea…Why do not you finished the story of roxy with her nephew first to complete( the end)…just starting the story from your other models…Hopefully be accepted….

    • Roxy story has many chapters, so in order to avoid my boredom i will publish stories of my other models before continue this Roxy stories. But in the meantime I can make some renders of Roxy.

    • Un exelente trabajo! De verdad esta muy bueno esperamos la continuacion. SALUDOS

    • Hey Sujaka,

      I can tell you that Roxy’s story is one that you will NOT want to miss. There are a lot of possibilities and Foxxx wants to make sure that he tells the story correctly. Anyone can draw girls with big boobs and large asses, but Rick has a unique talent that portrays a story that will make the wait worth it. As a writer, I admire that. Trust me, future chapters will not only tease you, but will make you say wow, what a great story. And when the “action” comes, you will be even more impressed with it. At least that is what I envision.

  28. Hai foxxx…I Hope You Always The Best…What Will Happen Next Between Roxy And Her Nephew Richard??…I Can Not Wait For The Next Sequel Scene…His Nephew who was so lucky to enjoy the vouluptous body aunt roxy…please makes more story about roxy….Please….

  29. estupendo trabajo, ya lo habia visto, pero no te lo habia agradecido, sos un genio!!!

  30. Nos dejaste con las ganas de verla en acción, eres malo 😭💔
    Jaja, buen trabajo bro.
    Sigue asi 👍👏💪💃

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    ……I came…..
    I’m sorry that I did not already on your site.
    It’s unfathomable you.
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    Thank You………

  32. Roxy is amazing,,thanks foxxx,,you are is the best,,please continue story more hot place like on the beach,,more scene sex,,Wonderfull,,

  33. jajaja asumo que cualquier chico estaria feliz con un recibimiento asi :P

  34. Could you take multiple perspective shots of every sex scene because that makes it more likeable imo :)

  35. “There are so many distractions at the airport…”
    That’s some clever writing right there, good work!

  36. I wish I had an aunt like Roxy! Can we see some Roxy sex scenes?

  37. yeah…she’s deserves better than the husband, I swear..

  38. Hope to see intercourse soon 😄😀

  39. Bro please be a titty fuck scene and an ass job

  40. Foxxx bro

    Awesome work i follow your art since a couple of yrs now and find it amazing how much your already awesome art improved since then very excited to see where this will lead.

    Keep your awesome work up bro

  41. this chapter was very cute and sweet

  42. O M G! this truly looks amazing lol…the artwork and model(s) is great!

  43. Please complete it ASAP! it really looks promising!

  44. i personaly would like to see some lesbian stories

  45. Can not wait for the sequel … Great work Foxxx!!!

  46. great artist always …

  47. Great set… both of them. Please tell you are going to continue this story.

  48. Dude your work just gets more EPIC everyday! Thanks for blazing such an awesome trail for the rest of us to follow bro =)

  49. Bro pls pls pls include a scene of her in cowgirl! I love that pose with big ass women! Great job as always cant wait for part 2! :D

  50. I am so excited for the next piece with roxy!!!!!! Great job man!!!!!!

  51. Hope to see some anal in this series : )

  52. *______* FantASStic work, Rick. This series just gets better and better – Roxy is so foxy and sweet! Echoing everyone else here: when do you expect the next part will be complete? Will this series have regularly scheduled updates?

    • Thanks. It depends on my workload but I hope to do more Roxy’s stories soon. Stay tunned :)

      • Sounds good :) I can’t stop re-reading this one. Roxy’s outfits are so hot (especially at the airport – it really shows off that big bouncy behind that only gets bigger and bigger), which reminds me: Dick’s right, the beach would be great…

  53. A great comic as always!! Great art and story combined! Hey I hope you find time to do a superhero or science fiction story one day. Can’t wait for the next installment. Best of luck!

  54. Great Job!! But I need more! Haha!!

    Keep up the amazing work. Roxy looks amazing in this. Besides her amazing body, her face turned out really good in this. And I love how innocent she is.

  55. Great work as usual. This story looks like its going to be the best one yet. Thank you

  56. Playing “bumper cars” should be the FIRST thing, on their to do list… 😏

  57. Cant wait for the next one , so they will be doing some yoga or salsa dance together ? Great work Foxxx

  58. Hey, Foxxx. Just a curiosity. Have you ever wanted to do line of PVC figures based on your art? That would be awesome. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  59. Fox dude stop teasing us!
    Srsly though i cant help it with you being the best artist and releasing so little content :)
    Keep on rocking and please release more often

  60. I can’t wait for the next one!!! Good work dude👍

  61. Omg….this is so good dude…..I can’t wait to see more XD

  62. She is amazing woman, and the history is so interesting keep goin with this please bro. U and kalevra are the best

  63. When do you think the next one will come?

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