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Roxy & Dick in the clothing store 2/2


  1. Was wondering when this series wld get hot. He has been admiring roxxy for a while and I guess its about time roxxy experiences what he has between his legs.

  2. Hola Foxxx, Me encantan todas tus historias, aunque la de Roxy y su sobrino es la que mas me gusta, ojala sigas con esta historia.
    Excelente Trabajos!!!

  3. Hi Dear …..

    Whoooaaa !

    Very Very Sexy ….

    Thanks . Good Job

  4. I love your work & everything about your characters. The ass on em’ especially. I know you work hard at what you do & you’re appreciated. One day could you please do a few photos of a character based on Dominican Poison aka Mizz Issy? Pleeeease! One day.

  5. Someone is on fb posting your works and he’s not even giving you credits… I just saw the warning here that no one should repost your stories on other website so I thought I should let you know. The page is Lamaj..you should check it out

  6. Beautiful art works.love what i see

  7. Was referred here by a friend on facebook and I must say your stories are incredible, I love them. This my first time coming on your site but Foxx you got good brains, keep it up. This is gonna be my best site ever. Lots of love.

  8. This is my first and probably last time comenting, I just wanted to say love your art, P L E A S E continue roxy story!

  9. Roxy the story that we’re still expecting

  10. Stunning!
    Roxy for sure in my personal top 3 of your models, and maybe the most interesting character – she has the body of a goddess but is so innocent in the same time.

    Thumbs up!

  11. great art as always…but please are there any social media or networks we can follow you on

  12. incredible art man. Its sweet!

  13. WOW !!! WOW !!! WOW !!! :))) LOVE HER…

  14. Please continue this. My favorite story that you’ve made was about Roxy and Dick.

  15. please please please continue this story!!! i love this story between these 2 the most of all ur comics!! i would even pay u more than 20 dollars each month for the continue!, want to see her chock when she sees his dicksize compare to her husbands.

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