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Bunnie Bendover’s Backdoor Buttstravaganza VI

“It’s nothing more and nothing less than the number six of “Backdoor Buttstravaganza” series starring by Bunnie Bendover, a very rare film only released on VHS many years ago and impossible to come by nowadays. Much to the dismay of Rachel (aka Bunnie Bendover when she was a pornstar) there are still some copies of her films lying around.”

This is the clean version of cover.



  1. So I have to ask, will do one of those classic poses where she has a surprised wide eyed expression with her lips in an O a hand coming up to cover it up and her ass exposed in some way?

  2. WOW! This looks amazing!

    Rachel was even hotter back then. For months now I wished to see something like this – thank you Mr FOXXX!

  3. for when something about lily or roxy?

  4. Will you be making more of Rachel’s backstory? we need to know how Rachel got famous as Bunnie Bendover :p

  5. No way, you have a copy of part VI? Any chance you could show us a scene or two? Man, I loved Bunnie Bendover – I would pay good money to see I-V of the “Backdoor Buttstravaganza” series.

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