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[Episode 1] Roxy’s usual special day

First chapter of Roxy series.


  1. I Willy likes roxy…
    Amazing body….
    Ooo my god….
    I wiss i meet lady like her…
    Thanks foxxx….
    I can wait the next cannon story about roxy…

  2. Cave MILF, is it with one of your models or someone new? Will we see Ms. Juggs or the librarian? Gabriela PLEASE Foxxx.

  3. I would like to write a story for some of your great work.

  4. Hello, this is the first comment of mine.
    Roxy is the best of your models in my personal opinion.
    I wish there will be more stuff about her or any other woman similar to her. I have some ideas about stories.

    • Glad you like my Roxy. We’ll see more of her coming soon. Also I will open a thread for you can leave your suggestions soon. ;)

      • Thanks for your reply. That kind of thread is an excellent idea. Your graphic skill is great, and, i suppose, much better in comparison to your past works on this site(which are very nice too).
        So there is visible progress of your work.
        I can say, i prefer your Ladies with younger boys. :-P

  5. Man your girls are amazing! Keep updating, can’t wait to see A LOT MORE!!!

  6. I hope she finds some young BBC, she deserves big cocks

  7. Quick question. On the right side of the page you have your progress on current projects. It says “Story – The arrival of Roxy’s nephew” and then 95% done. I was just wondering if this is a written “Story” or a graphic novel like “Roxy’s usual special day of the month”?

  8. I just found your site and I’m loving it. This has the potential to be a great graphic novel. I just love this first installment, it sets everything up so perfectly. I can’t wait to see what happens when the nephew arrives. Do you have any idea when the story will continue? Or are you working on other projects at the moment?

    Keep up the awesome work, I love your style!

    • Thanks! Glad you like it.
      I’m working on other projects but her nephew will arrive this month.
      Stay tunned!

      • That’s great to hear! Is all of your available content here on this site? Have you ever thought about starting a patreon site? I would gladly throw some money your way to support your work. The theme of huge dicked young men fucking insanely curvy older women has always been a favorite of mine! I’m really looking forward to more of your future work.

      • Yes, all my works are here. I have a few more old renders on my deviantart, but I will upload them here on bonus section later on.

        Yes, I have thought to start a subscription site, so I can improve my hardware for to do more renders with better resolution, more characters on stage(gangbangs XD) and animations. Maybe next year…

        If your theme is well endowed men and curvy women, you’re on the right site. :D

  9. Yup saving this image

  10. I love those huge ass and boobs. I wanna see in a future more comics of you about MILF’s and younger slim “normal” dick mens jaja

  11. Fabulous work Fox! your art is getting into a crescendo along with the storyline! incredible

  12. Well that was rather… disappointing.

  13. Nice job on this one. Keep up the good work!

  14. Dude.. special day of the month? that shrimp penis weak sauce of a husband of her. she needs to be banged hard and deep by a BBC.

  15. She needs to be fullfilled by her neighbor while her husband is at work. Lol
    Your work is the best.
    You should fallow up with that!

  16. Man this is a masterpiece, never seen nothing like that, Roxy´s body is perfect, congratulations.
    Please continue!

  17. I love those big ass (L) and i agree whit the slim boy fuking huge milfs :D Your work is the best boy c:

  18. how can i register?

  19. eh… pero si esto no es incesto o_o

  20. I know your models’ measurements are not real either, but we love that rmeasurement in girls, but me and other memeber we have normal penis, and we are pervert normal young mans, i fantasy whit some auntie and his friends or my mother friends u know dude? i fucking alone, no whit other friends jaja. I wanna too normal historys, i wanna see aunties, or neighboors, or mothers or mothers friends fucking whit her sons, or nephews. I just say. You are the best, and you are complety free, we just gave you our opinions.



  22. esperemos que la segunda parte el sobrino llene ese vacio que su esposo no le puede dar. muy buena historia esperemos mas de ella pronto.

  23. please continue story

  24. all yours girls are amazing, i fantasy whit each of them I would like to see them fucking with young men, like nephew or neighboor, slim and these stuff, is most exiting you know? like me, like the others members. Mens whit monster cooks are not real. Yours models need some of reality, some shameles young mens who want to fuck. Any decision do u choose, we love you bro.

  25. im more than will that the nephew is bigger then her husband

  26. Beautiful work as usual and a nice tool for delivering it. A bit sad so far but I assume things will turn around for her. As much as the husband is unlikable, it would be nice if the resolution to the problem somehow he can redeemed and improve their marriage rather than the infidelity that tends to be the solution in porn.

  27. Have the nephew bring a friend with him. And have the nephew be a virgin so she can fell even more love because she’s his first. Also what do you use to make the art work for this novel.

  28. It would have been perfect if they did assjob since she didnt want to get pregnant

  29. It’s ok now :3

  30. I can see until 2 images

  31. Sorry. Incest is not my cup of tea.

  32. good job, im loving this model

  33. Great Job. Her Nephew is really going to enjoy Roxy’s company.

  34. Omg I can’t handle all of those curves ?need more

  35. Increible trabajo, espero que en la continuidad sea pronto

  36. Great start!

    She needs to get NAILED in the next chapter though.

    Still, I like the comic format, keep up the fantastic work!

  37. Love the art as always! Hope there’s more though

  38. amazing work rick. keep it up

  39. Gonna need the part two

  40. I have issues with the format and playing

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