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Hi, there all!

We continue with the publication of the profiles of our models. Here are the innocent answers of Lily, the ex-nun. I also want comment that my first comic for sale will be about her and her last days in the convent. Soon more news about this project. Just click on this link to view her profile: Lily Lovecock

Thanks to rogerdun for help with the questionnaire & for transcribing the girls’ answers.

Enjoy and comment!


  1. Wow, excellent job on lily. Love it

  2. Foxxx…
    You create your model lily so perfect..
    She has an amazing body with have good skin…
    Can you make for me a short canon story of how lily wearing a nun dress?…
    Please foxxx,,,I waiting for your work,which is the most best…

  3. Hey Fox! I have a question. I’m looking at the sidebar at your current projects, and I was wondering do you have two comics with Lily your working on, or did you scrap one?

  4. Oh wow!!!!! Is it possible to make a long story of her being a Nun seducing small little guys..please!

  5. Please contineu lily story,,I Love lily

  6. REALLY Sexy! <3

    Will there be a comic about Lily?



  7. Cuando estara listo el comic completo de lily se ve bien buena

  8. Amigo podrias poner también los perfiles de las chicas en español y sobre todo el de esta monja buenisima

  9. exelente monja pero como en donde se ve la historia, muchas gracias.

  10. Excelente, seria muy bueno una mini historia con esta monja ojala te animes, saludos…

  11. Very Nice + Very Sexy

    Thanks Good Friends

  12. I must’ve been going to the WRONG CATHOLIC SCHOOL! All of our nuns were about 70 years old; and they hit us very hard on the hands with rulers if we did anything wrong. If only some of them had looked like Lily…

  13. Holy mother teresa!

    I would glad attend church to see her every sunday! XD

    Hey TF! Cool if I make a non-canon story with her? I think I got a pretty cool idea in mind.

  14. asu esa monja tiene el cuerpo de una diosa con ese enorme trasero asta Jesucristo pecaría y el papa se la violarían todos los días y tiene una cara como diciéndote ven y violame asta mas no poder geniales tus creaciones dibuja el que te pedi con mounstruos ogros y orcos violando a tus chicas

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