Home Guest Art Lumiere at the mountain of madness by 7th–Heaven

Lumiere at the mountain of madness by 7th–Heaven

“Archaeologist Gabriela Debutt was contacted by Lt. Johnson, from a SECORP in order to help them track her former teacher Professor Walter Smith that is being hunted by “Die Dunkelheit” a private army interested in his investigations on the Amazon after the awakening. Gabriela is led by Mademoiselle Lumiere, a magical consultant extraordinaire that is also looking for the information Smith have. In their adventure the girls will meet with fellow archaeologist Anna that is part of Smith current expedition. Their adventure will take them to help the enemy into finding an ancient ruin, were a powerful artifact was hidden, along a nightmare, a plastic column of fetid black iridescence secret waiting to be liberated in one of the most dangerous missions our sexy elf have ever took.”

Artwork by 7th–Heaven.
Commissioned by Ace.