Start again…


I regret to inform that my HDD is ruined and I can’t recover the information it contained. Fortunately I had a backup of an old version of Azalea and a pair of models, but I have lost all my other models, my current and former projects and commissions. Hopefully someday be able to recover all that information, but I think is unlikely. I can only look ahead and start again. I want to conclude the current comic “Sharing the shower with Lily” but will have some different things, because I must compose the scene again. As well as I want to adapt the three models I have now to the new software and make new models. Finally I want to thank my current customers for your understanding.

Stay tuned because will begin a new stage in!

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Pool: What girl would you like me to model?

I chose 8 girls, considering your suggestions. Now you can vote for your two favorite girls. After, considering the vote on my deviantart too, I will model the 2 girls with the most votes. Vote here:

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What girl would you like me to model?


Hi there all! I intend to make a fan-art of a manga/anime/comic/cartoon/videogame woman. So if you want to see one of those women modeled by me, leave a comment with her name and where she appears, e.g. Tsunade from Naruto, Betty from The flintstones…

Then I’ll pick a few and I will open a poll to you choose two women.

Go ahead and participate!

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