I’m looking for a writer collaborator


Hi there all! I’m looking for a writer with some experience and exposure writing scripts or stories. You do not have to be a professional writer by any means. This is to be a collaboration for add a hot short story to my renders, for character sheets and some help with basic character development and, if all goes well, for future digital comics for sale.


- You have to write perfect English.

- Be able to write a hot story to story line or render I give you. The main topics are: MILF, Interracial, Fantasy and Sci-Fi.


- Your name or nickname as the writer in each project.

And also for your work on digital comics for sale:

- I can give you a free copy of the product when it’s done.

- I will pay you for each number. Payment will be by paypal.


If that sounds good to you, then write a short hot story related to this next render. Forget about Dexter Lab, just think like a story about a housewife and a college student(+18). Please, NO incest. Then send it to rickfoxxx7@gmail.com I will reply confirming that I received your message. I will be receiving your stories for the coming 3 or 4 weeks.


Any questions just leave a comment here.


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Dexter’s Mom

This gallery contains 7 photos.

  You requested and here is the most voted girl in the poll. Here she is posing as a housewife and a scene with college classmate of her son… Enjoy and comment!

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Finally, I finished the comic “Sharing the shower with Lily”. For various reasons and setbacks, it took longer than I expected, but it was worth it because I learned a lot doing it. In fact, I didn’t work much on the story, but I focused on all the possibilities of the software.
Anyway, I am now in the process of completing pending projects. After which I will focus on making new digital comics for sale. So I’m going to need writers. In the next days I’ll do a little casting for those who are interested to accompany me in new projects and comics.

Also in the coming days I will publish Dexter’s mom renders.

Stay tuned!

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