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Rachel Dumass


Name: Rachel Dumass

Age: 37

Height: 5 feet 9 inches ( 175 cm )

Measurements: 48-26-58 ( 122-68-148 cm )

Ethnicity: Caucasian (American, French ancestry)

Nickname: ‘Chellie’ (My daughter calls me “Mummy”)

Marital Status: Single

Immediate Family: I live with my 18-year-old daughter, Brigitte, who is a freshman at the local University.

Occupation: Dance Instructor. I’m a graceful, confident dancer. When I was young, I briefly hoped to dance professionally on the stage and screen. But that is a very competitive field, and then I became a single mom.

What is your Wealth Status?
We are on a tight budget. Fortunately we own our (small) house so we don’t pay rent. I wish that my daughter could get a college scholarship but that doesn’t seem likely. She seems more interested being a cheerleader and meeting boys than in her studies.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I recently signed up for a free (for women) dating service, and have been looking at men’s profiles online, just for fun. I’m not actually going on dates yet, but it seems that everyone wants to date ME, when they see my picture! So that is very flattering.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I am a resourceful person, who always does whatever it takes to raise my daughter and give her a decent life. But I have a history of bad choices and bad decisions with men. Also… I am just terrible at math and numbers, and science stuff. All that just confuses me! I have never been an intellectual.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
When I was young, I tended to go for muscular lunkheads and “bad boys”, but nowadays, I don’t care about the physique. I like attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and funny guys.

How many boyfriends have you had?
Too many to count! I was much more boy-crazy than my daughter Brigitte when I was her age, and not nearly as smart as her. (She got 3 straight A’s in her first term at college!!! She’s a regular Alfred Einstein, compared to her dimwit Mom) To give you an idea about how wild I used to be… When I was 18, I got a drunk at a disco, and I actually had sex with two hunky guys at once in the Men’s Restroom, taking one big cock in my mouth and the other in my pussy from behind. Golly, those guys must’ve really loved my broad rear-end plus my hanging, swinging tits, cause it felt like they dumped a whole gallon of sperm in both ends! Then, sure enough, nine months later I gave birth to Brigitte. I never saw those two well-hung studs again, and I certainly never told Brigitte this story. She thinks that her father died when she was a baby.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Recently? Lying in bed alone with a vibrator! Pitiful as it sounds, that’s the only sex that I have been having. I’ve been trying to set a good example for Brigitte, who is still a virgin (but I think she may be necking with boys on dates). But it is hard for me!

Do you have any fetishes, or sexual secrets?
When I am dancing at work, my male students get very excited by my voluptuous body. Of course I am used to this, so I am professional about it. But in close dances like the tango, I feel their big hard-ons pressing and brushing against me. Oh, golly! That’s when I need to rush home and lock my bedroom door. Then I jam my favorite huge, 25 inch dildo (it looks like a real, jumbo cock, with balls! And it vibrates!) inside my wet pussy and hump frantically against it, pleasuring my clittie until I feel the explosions of sweet orgasmic release.

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
Shortly after I had Brigitte, I was desperate for money. Being a single mom is not easy. So I took some nude modelling jobs, and soon I met some sleazy characters who convinced me to do porn. It started out soft-core, but after a few months I started doing wild fuck-films under the name “Bunnie Bendover”. My big, bouncy butt was the real star! There was a whole series called “Bunnie Bendover’s Backdoor Buttstravaganza”, number I through VIII. Golly, I am always worried that these old films will surface on the internet and somebody will recognize me. I would hate for sweet, innocent Brigitte to know what a wild slut I was at her age, certainly too dumb and cock-crazy for college. But I actually did those porn films for her.