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Lily Lovecock


Name:  Lily Lovecock

Age:  19

Height:  5 feet 8 inches ( 173 cm )

Measurements:  51-24-56 ( 130-62-142 cm )

Ethnicity:  White

Nickname:  Everyone just calls me ‘Lily’.

Marital Status:  Newly engaged.

Immediate Family:  I was an orphan, abandoned on a convent as a baby by parents who I never knew.  I was raised by nuns from that convent and especially by the Mother Christina.  She was very kind to me, and she taught me a lot – indeed she was like a true mother to me.  Unfortunately, she died over a year ago.  The new Mother Superior in our district, Mother Adelia, has never liked me.

Occupation:  Until recently, I was a nun.  But I was banished from the convent when Mother Adelia caught me in ‘sin’ with a man: my new fiance, Reed.  Since leaving the Holy Orders, I have been working at a variety of low-paying jobs.  I am looking for a new job right now, because my boss at my last job (a restaurant) kept on bothering me, and asking me to do strange, confusing things with him in the storeroom.  This keeps on happening to me, and I don’t know why!!

What is your Wealth Status?
My fiance Reed and I share a small apartment, and we both work long hours.  Reed talks about saving up money for a lavish wedding and round-the-world honeymoon, but I think he is being too optimistic – we are barely making enough to live off.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I have an unusual characteristic, which Mother Adelia seemed to despise, and which I always thought of as a mortal weakness.  Namely I am cursed – or blessed – with a very voluptuous body, including extremely large bosoms, a tiny, narrow waist, and wide hips with a large, round bottom.  As a nun, I naturally tried to cover up this shameful condition.  But during my last weeks on the convent, I was wearing a habit of old, worn cloth, which was way too small for me.  Mother Adelia would not allocate the funds to buy me a new habit, yet she blamed me for my ‘obscene’ appearance in the tight, curve-hugging, partially-transparent tunic that I had to wear.
Recently I have begun to think that my body, which men seem to admire greatly despite its extreme dimensions, is a blessing from Lord and a strength that I must learn to use, not a curse and a weakness. 

What are your hobbies and interests?
I have always been interested in charitable work, helping needy and homeless people in our town. I only wish that I had enough money to feed and house all of them! But my heart goes out to them, so I do whatever I can to help. Poor men at the local homeless shelter often ask me just to let them see and feel my voluptuous body, and even to rub against it, to get relief from their horniness in eruptions of wetness. I do what I can to comfort them and to give them a few moments of happiness.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
I am embarrassed to answer this question, since until recently I did not think of men in this way.  But perhaps I need to change, now that I am no longer a nun.  So I will mention a bible verse that thrills me:

She lusted after lovers whose genitals were as large as those of donkeys, and whose emissions were like those of horses

I don’t fully understand this, but it excites me!

How many boyfriends have you had?
Only one: my dear Reed, whom I always want to please as much as he pleases me!

What is your favorite sexual position?
Well, since I promised Mother Christina that I would be a virgin bride if I got married someday, my most private girl-place is a Temple to Holy Virginity so I can’t have sex until I get married.  But since you are talking about positions, Reed always asks me that we do strange positions when we are in bed.  So while remaining a perfect virgin, I do allow him to stick his big, hard penis into my rear-end, and to move it in & out.  I’m still a virgin since he only rams his penis up my butthole.
Reed puts me in different positions during the two or three hours that we do this until he squirts his hot white fluid that came out of his penis.

Do you have any fetishes, or sexual secrets?
I don’t know what a ‘fetish’ is.  But there is a weird thing that keeps happening to me on my jobs.  It is so odd that I haven’t told anyone, not even Reed.  First I was working at a coffee shop, making fancy coffee.  Then I was a receptionist at a dentist’s office.  Most recently I worked as a waitress in a restaurant, and the same thing happened on all three jobs! My boss asked me to stay late at work, and when we were alone he asked to do this weird stuff, for bonus and overtime pay.  One of the guys told me to take off my huge bra so he could rub his male parts between my enormous bosoms, and put his white stuff in there.  The other two demanded to put their penises in my butt like Reed always does, but one of them just rubbed his penis in the crack of my wide bottom while I bent over his desk, then squirted his white stuff in my buttcrack, and all over my big, bouncy butt.  I’m still a virgin, of course, but they seemed to get pretty worked-up over it, so something seems kinda fishy about the whole ‘overtime’ thing.  That’s why I now hope to find a new job with a boss who doesn’t require weird, after-hours activities.

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
I have a new lead for a great job.  I was praying every night to give me a sign about what kind of employment would suit me, given my lack of education and limited talents.  And my prayers were finally answered in an unlikely way.  Kristi, one of the waitresses who I worked with, said: “Hey Lily, your implants look great, where did ya’ get them?” I told her that I didn’t know what she was talking about.  She said: “You mean those boobies are real? Holy fuck! With a body like that you could make $1000 a night as a stripper!”.  Well, I thought she meant scraping old paint off a house when it is getting repainted, because that is exactly what Reed is doing.  So I told her how paint strippers only make minimum wage, and it is exhausting work.  She said: “Are you kidding? I know a girl with totally fake boobs only half as big as yours, and she makes $200 in tips each time she drops her bra & panties at ‘The Jiggle Joint’ Gentlemen’s Club”.
I was amazed.  It turns out that there is this thing called ‘stripping’ where all you do is take off your clothes to music, and girls with bodies like mine can make big $$$$$$$.  Gosh, I already take off my clothes anyways, when I go in the shower.  I never suspected there was any money in it.  So I’m gonna take the City Bus out to the ‘The Jiggle Joint’ Gentlemen’s Club’ to ask about jobs.  I can’t wait to tell Reed about this fabulous employment opportunity!