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Karol Cumwell


Name: Karol Cumwell

Age: 25

Height: 5 feet 10 inches ( 178 cm )

Measurements: 50-25-55 ( 126-64-140 cm )

Ethnicity: White

Nickname: Just call me ‘Karol’… or ‘Nurse Cumwell’ if I’m at work.

Marital Status: Single. But I have a hunky boyfriend!

Immediate Family: My dear parents are real liberal and open-minded. They’re proud that their daughter is a sperm bank nurse!

Occupation: Nurse, specializing in reproductive medicine. I work at the Draywood Sperm Bank(our happy donors like to call it “Drain-wood”)

What is your Wealth Status?
Very good! I keep getting fat raises at work ‘cause our clinic keeps outpreforming all the other Draywood branches. My boss is super-pleased, so my salary has doubled in one year! This means that the monthly rent in the apartment building where I live is now much less than my month’s pay, so I’m piling up the ol’ money in the bank! Also, many nice men whom I meet at work keep giving me expensive gifts. Golly, I had so much $$$$ last year that I bought a cute red Porsche convertible!

What are your hobbies and interests?
I’m a real busy girl, but I take time out for high society events whenever some doctor invites me.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Seriously, my “donor assistence” skills are my biggest strength. First, you gotta lightly lubricate your jacking hand – not too much lubricant or there won’t be enough friction. Then grip the turgid shaft and jack him firmly, up and down, in long smooth strokes, but do not over-rub his flared cockhead ‘cause this is real sensitive. Meanwhile, the real secret to a wildly productive jack-off is what ya’ do with your other hand. Hold his hanging scrotum gently in your cupped hand and fondle his hefty, meaty balls: lightly and teasingly at first; then, as he gets worked-up, with bouncy motions at medium speed, rolling your fingers to stimulate both testicles. When you feel the gentle vibrations of semen rushing through his tubes and the cockshaft, you gotta quicken your gonad-teasing to promote faster semen flow. Not only will you get out a high volume of valuable sperm but you’ll give your lucky stud the maximum amount of nasty male pleasure. Doing all this at once is what I am real strong at!
For weaknesses, I gotta admit that I sometimes don’t get all the ‘payload’ into the sample cup. ‘Cause there are always some guys who beg you to titty-fuck them, or to suck their cocks, or for to let them hump your wide, ample rear, rubbing their cocks up your fabulous buttcrack. And they promise that they will stop it before they cum, and let you jack them into the cup. Well, those guys are mostly full of hooey, ‘cause more than half the time you’re gonna feel a hot wet splash in the bum after only about four cockthrusts up your crack, then look back to find your huge bouncy fanny splattered all over with dripping white cum, and you gotta scrape as much as possible into the cup, losing about half the fluid volume.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
One big advantage of sperm bank work is you get to meat lots of smart, healthy, hunky young guys. ‘Cause guys are only accepted as donors if they got good genes. Each donor has an (anonymous) profile posted online, so women who seek a baby can go on the Draywood website & rank their choices, trying to snag the best quality sperm. Well, I read the online profiles of many donors, and I also check how many first-choice rankings and pregnancies each stud is “scoring”. (That info is not public, but as a Draywood employee I can see it). Then, if I’m interested in a guy, I read his whole file in the clinic. If I like what I read… well, I just go get him. (I don’t want to sound stuck up, but truth is: ALL the donors want to go out with me!) Talk about a dream job… this place is a smorgasbord of studs! And it’s extra-perfect for me, cause the kind of men that I love are super-achievers: smart, talented, athletic guys.

How many boyfriends have you had?
Ever since I started this job, I’ve been going out with donors. I can’t remember how many, probably dozens of them! And my favorite of all is my new boyfriend Davey! He’s a former track star with an IQ of 152, with tons of athletic accomplishments & school awards, now studying to be a M.D. doctor. And it kinda thrills me that Davey is the first-choice sperm stud for over 3500 hopeful women, with 622 of them knocked-up by him so far – the highest “scores” in Draywood! In short, Davy’s my kinda guy!!! So now we’re going together, as a couple.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Well, as you can imagine, the one thing that I don’t wanna do, when I get alone with my lover, is another hand jack-off!… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my job! I get to play with lovely hard cocks all day long, and be paid for it! But on my own time, I want mutually pleasurable sex with plenty of clitty stimulation, so that I can cum too. And maybe I’m just an old-fashioned girl but the truth is: I love to fuck! I love to feel a big, hard cock pushing deep in my tight, slick love-tunnel, and then thrusting and pistoning in long, smooth fuckstrokes. And I always want him to thrust hard & hold it in deep while I make nasty little ‘humpy-fuckie’ motions, clenching and unclenching my huge wobbly butt, to grind my love-button ‘gainst his fuckpole. And he usually cums soon after. And, okay, I just wanna add that my pussy is not the only sassy, inviting hole I got, for naughty boys. I also love to take it up the butt!!!

Do you have any fetishes, or sexual secrets?
I like to be drenched with huge loads of cum!!

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
When I was in college, a big Cosplay Convention came to our town. It featured a contest, with a huge $$$$$ prize for the winning cosplay. At the time, I was way behind on my college tuition payments, so I got the idea of dressing up as Jessica Rabbit from the movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, to go for the prize. I knew that I’d look really sexy in that skimpy costume cause of my measurements!
Anyway, I had to win the grand prize at all costs, so I fucked three members of the contest jury in the dressing room. Those guys said it was the most thrilling fantasy-fuck of their lives. Golly, they sure dumped big cumloads into slutty Ms Rabbit! That’s when I realized that I have a real talent for this, and it drives guys crazy. So now I dress as Jessica pretty often. It’s super-fun!