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Brigitte Dumass


Name: Brigitte Dumass

Age: 18

Height: 5 feet 6 inches ( 168 cm )

Measurements: 44-23-50 ( 112-58-127 cm )

Ethnicity: Yes, I think. (what does this mean?)

Nickname: “Brigitte” is what most people call me. But there are always some jokers who call me “Miss Dumb-Ass” or just plain “Dumb Ass.” In fact, some guys seem to think this is sexy (bimbo-lovers and ass-men, I guess)

Marital Status: Single and super popular!!!!! Boys ask me out ALL THE TIME. And they ALL want to be my steady boyfriend, but I haven’t decided on any one single one of them.

Immediate Family: I live with my mother, Mummy. We have a little house, only four blocks from the University. So I walk to school in the morning, and then come home for lunch and long, screaming arguments with Mummy, who’s always telling a girl what to wear and do. (I’m not saying that she is a controlling bitch, but will leave that up to the reader.)

Occupation: Yes, I am occupied, always real busy. Believe it or not, I’m now a college student in college!!!! This is my first year. (Mummy says it’s a miracle I got in, and that I will flunk out cause of my attitude. She can be very negative). I have college classes on most days (super-BORING!) and cheerleader practice twice a week (fun!) plus dates with gentlemens on many evenings (depending on the guy, this can be hot… or NOT)

What is your Wealth Status?
Yes? (not sure what is wanted here)

What are your hobbies and interests?
My main activity now is college cheerleader!! We have super-cute uniforms with short skirts and pom-poms, and we lead cheers at games where everyone watches us, often more than they watch the game. Cause all the girls on our squad are all glamorous and super perky, with tons of school spirit, and we are famous for doing sexy ‘cheer routines’! It is fun to be the center of attention, and we have many loud admirers in the stands who aren’t supposed to smuggle booze into the stadium (much less all that WEED!). I get special attention cause lots a guys say I got the most lovely, bounciest rear-end on the whole cheer squad. Certainly I am broadest in the hips & rear! A bunch of drunken frat guys who are really funny even got tee-shirts saying ‘Brigitte Makes Me Rigidde!’ and ‘The Best Ass is Dumb-Ass Dumass!’ and wore them to games before they had to stop wearing them and their fraternity house was put on probation.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Well you probably guessed I am not exactly a rocket scientist when it comes to brains? So that is probably my major weakness. But it is not totally bad, cause most guys seem to love ‘dumb blondes’. This is a classic sterio type which I fully fullfil, so I never try to hide it, in fact I know lots of ‘dumb blonde’ jokes. (I noticed that these make guys real horny, specially the dirtier ones!) As for strengths, I have some really strong ones but I am too modest to tell. If you glance at my measurements above you may get an idea.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
I like men who are friendly and funny. Also I love smart men, with lots of intelligence? It never hurts to have a really big penis neither.

How many boyfriends have you had?
Depends on what you mean by ‘boyfriend’. In some ways there have been a lot, but in other ways I am still looking for my first.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Golly, this is getting personal! And I am reluctant to answer… Not because I am shy- just cause it’s hard to choose. Cause sometimes I prefer to take it up the butt? Like bent over in my cheerleader uniform, with my panties pulled down? (Seems like ALL the guys wanna do me THAT way now, in my uniform!) But other times I like to climb on top in bed, to straddle a guy between my luscious thighs, and slide down over his dick, with my pussy tight and slick. Then I drive him crazy, sliding up and down on his hard pole, fucking him real good, with my big tits flopping & slapping in his face. I love to feel his two hands grabbing onto my super-wide, luxurious butt, holding it and feeling it up, with my fleshy buttcheeks clenching and unclenching as they bounce & jiggle wildly up and down, until I make him shoot all his cream into me! (You may notice that my fabulous, broad butt ALWAYS comes up when sex is involved. It is my most attractive feature!!!!)

Do you have any fetishes, or sexual secrets?
Big black cocks!!

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
I actually got pretty good grades in my first term of college, with three straight ‘A’s and only one ‘C-’ ! Mummy was so surprised that she almost fainted! So she’s not nagging me to study so much now… But okay, I gotta admit that I didn’t get those grades from hard study, or by actually understanding anything in my courses, which were all like super-confusing and BORING. Instead I found my own special path to college success by flirting with my professors! That is something I am naturally good at! And I got ‘A’s from the three profs whom gave me ‘special instruction’ in their private offices, after class. Two of these guys imparted their ‘knowledge’ all over my wide, bouncy rear, while the third gave me intensive tutoring… up my butthole! I think that getting a higher education is gonna be fun after all!