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Azalea Fatassi


Name: Azalea Fatassi

Age: 24

Height: 5 feet 10 inches ( 179 cm )

Measurements: 48-25-56 ( 122-65-142 cm )

Ethnicity: Italian-American

Nickname: At the school where I teach, my students call me “Miss Fatassi” in class. But I know that the boys call me “Miss Fat Ass” behind my back! Those naughty boys are always staring at my broad rear end with hard bulges growing in their pants.

Marital Status: Single

Immediate Family: My dear grandmother Sophia lives with me.

Occupation: High School Teacher. I teach Biology to 12th grade students. I also teach Sex Education, in special classes three times a year.

What is your Wealth Status?
My teacher’s salary is barely enough to support me and Grandma in our small rental apartment. I can’t even afford a car, so I have to take the City Bus to work, with its narrow, cramped seats that a girl can barely fit in.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like to go jogging in the Park. But nowadays everyone wears these tight yoga pants. God, my butt looks huge in those, and it swings & bounces from side to side with every step. Last time I went jogging I actually caused a traffic accident because all the men were staring!

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I am a dedicated teacher and I really care about my students. But I have always been a quiet, soft-spoken person, and I tend to be shy, so it takes effort to get up in front of the Sex Ed class and talk about sex to my horny students.

What kind of men do you find attractive?
I like men who are honest and kind-hearted, and who make me laugh.

How many boyfriends have you had?
If you are asking how many men I have slept with…that’s a secret. But I’m no virgin. And, my broad rear-end is no virgin either.

What is your favorite sexual position?
Oh, golly, this is embarrassing! But the truth is: I love to get fucked from behind, fully bent over with a big dick jammed in my pussy. That way I can thrill my partner by wiggling my wide butt for him, while I rub my clittie against his hard fuckpole at the same time. It is great when a guy holds my big, hanging tits in his hands, playing with them and bouncing them as we cum together.

Do you have any fetishes, or sexual secrets?
Oh my, I’ve never told anyone this… But the truth is: I often get hot & bothered when I’m teaching class. I can’t help it! I feel a lot of sexual tension, with so many boys staring with obvious lust at my body. Some boys even grow big “tentpoles” in their pants. It is surprising how big and rigid they get—I call them “circus tents”. And I guess I have a ‘thing’ for boys with big dicks, because I often have to rush to the teacher’s lavatory between classes and get myself off in the toilet stall, using the big vibrating dildo that I keep in my purse for such emergencies. Those boys never know how wet and horny they make me.

Tell us something good about yourself that few people know.
Well, I once worked as a nude model. Here’s how it happened. A few months ago, my grandmother had fallen on the stairs in our building, and she needed expensive surgery. We had no money for this and I couldn’t find work as a teacher, so I didn’t know what to do. I just found an ad in the newspaper looking for girls to be models on an adult magazine. Well, I was so desperate that I went to their offices, and they were very nice to me, once they saw the attractive size and shape of my enormous ass. But nude photo set don’t pay enough for Grandma’s surgery. They said that if I did a hardcore photo feature, that would pay enough. But I wasn’t going to fuck a stranger! Finally, I negotiated to do a hot dildo scene with full penetration. Inspired by my real-life job, they had me pose in a classroom for a series of filthy pictures. Supposedly I was a naughty teacher who demonstrated hard-core sex acts for her class using a monster-sized vibrating dildo with balls, very realistic looking. I demonstrated “Handjobs”, “Blow Job Suckoffs” and “Titfucking”. I was supposed to act like I was cumming, which was easy to do because that thing was vibrating like crazy, and I really did cum as I rammed it in and out. Luckily their magazine doesn’t sell in the US, it just has circulation inside Europe, so it’s impossible that someone who knows me see those filthy pictures. My reputation as a teacher is safe.