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Clarifications about my patreon site

I don’t usually do this kind of posts. In fact I don’t like to respond to complaints or something like that. But there are things to clarify in case someone has not understood how my patreon works yet.

First, those who have followed my works for a long time now know that I published about three or four canon episodes per year, since my free time was to work on commissions mainly. Due to the request of many followers who asked me to work more on my OCs then I decided to open my patreon site, to get support that allows me to close my commissions and dedicate my free time to my canon stories and publish them more frequently.

Second, if you are pledging in my patreon site then I guess you know how are the episodes I do, some have sex scenes and some not, even an episode like Rachel’s one doesn’t even have nudity. I never said anything like “give me money and I promise to do sex scenes with all my OCs”. Currently I try to include at least some foreplay in all the episodes I do and I guess with the development of the plot of stories, sexual encounters will be increasingly usual. If you are only interested in sex renders, then don’t throw your money on my patreon. There are many other sites where you will find what you are looking for.

Third, the rewards and goals have been quite clear since the beginning I think. If you think that to have early access to a episode per month in reward for your donation is not enough, then why you pledge and then complain about it?. If you are looking for more content, more sex scenes, more porn content then you should look for other options. Today there are many sites that publish that stuff with renderings thousands of times better than mine, higher quality renderings and more frequently. Even pro artists doing it. I’m just a simple hobbyist trying to create erotic renderings through which to build a universe based on my OCs.

Anyway, honestly I’m now rethinking some things about this patreon thing, so its future is uncertain. There are still two episodes scheduled until October so I hope to finish them and then we will see …