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Patreon info

Hi there all!

Finally I decided to use patreon as a crowdfunding platform for my canon stories. The mechanics will be like a tip jar but I will give some rewards according to your contribution.


$1 or more per month: You will be able to vote on future polls.

$2 or more per month: In addition to the previous reward, you will obtain early access to all of my OCs’ works.

$5 or more per month: In addition to the previous rewards, you will receive unpublished extra renderings of my works (those that I never publish because I usually get 3 or 4 renderings per scene but I just publish 1 or 2 of them).


I have three goals: when I reach the first goal I’m going to publish one episode per month. When I reach the second goal I publish 2 episodes per month and if I reach the third goal I will be able to upgrade my hardware and then the sky will be the limit.


The pledges are charged upfront so if you want to pledge on late of a month then I recommend you wait until the next month because you will be charged when you join up and then at first of each month.

This is my Patreon page: patreon.com/thefoxxx
(The info on this post could be outdated so please read carefully the info on my Patreon homepage before pledging)

Rewards system and my patreon as a crowdfunding platform will be operating from June on. Meanwhile it’s just a tip jar no rewards.

If you have any question about my patreon, email me under subject “Patreon” at: [email protected]