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The yogi Hardon

Hi there all.

Lately I’m working on commissions and I do not have much time to work on more episodes at the moment. However I am ending with modelling of some new characters that I had started long time ago. This time I introduce a new supporting character, the yogi Hardon, who has arrived to the city to teach his new naked yoga techniques. Roxy is pretty excited to meet this eminence of yoga and wants to be the first to learn from him.

On the other hand, I’ve opened a tip jar in case there is someone out there who likes my work and wants just drop some coins. It’s on patreon website but no rewards at the moment, I hope to start to work on it once I finish taking commissions and my current financial situation improves though.

Remember, it’s not a patreon at the moment, just a tip jar: patreon.com/thefoxxx

And btw, we have a new gallery system now. You can zoom-in the images and it’s mobile friendly too.

Have fun!