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[Episode 6] Cavevixens 2

Hi there all!
This is the conclussion of first Cavevixens chapter. We hope you like. :)

On the another hand, currently we do a story with 12-15 scenes, but I think that will do my future projects with 5-8 scenes, so I can publish stories more often.

By the way, I posted some new fanarts of talented artists on my bonus section. Special mention to Shiin, who has in mind making more pics with some of my models, so if you want to see them before anyone else, support him on his Patreon.

More thick stuff will come so stay tunned!


  1. Gran trabajo has más de esta modelo

  2. U are too much bro, dis is soon nice

  3. i love this work… funny N lovely wish to see video so

  4. This is really funny and interesting. It’s great to see someone bring their creativity to life for other to enjoy. More grease to your elbow MrFoxxx👊🏾

  5. James Benito Quarshie

    Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. I really love ur story. And I enjoy it very well

  6. I really like ur stories….. Is fun please when is the 3 coming .

  7. I suggest the writings should be red in order to allow those with eye problem to read

  8. THEFOXXX, I really love this comics, but the problem is that I can’t register and I need to register

  9. opeyemi adebimpe

    That was so cool man loved the art work

  10. wow awesome, i love this and looking forward to get more of this, that ass tho

  11. Is there any new chapter if cavevixen??story was really great.


  13. Hi foxxx i really needed to show my deep apreciation for your work. This changed porn for me, the art and stories are amazing, just wishing for more happy endings :D

  14. De nuevo como siempre nos tenes acostumbrado, Excelente trabajo!!! gracias por compartirlo y espero con ansias mucho mas de tu trabajo, especialmente de Roxy. jejeje

  15. It’d very interesting

  16. what a lovely one mehnnn,,, but in life you have to be careful mehnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I know I’m a bit late bu this along with all of your other work is great. 11/10, would fap again, super hot. XD

  18. Muito legal seu trabalho. Voce já fez alguma animação?

  19. Thank you all for the feedback. Rick is an amazing artist and I’m just happy that he allows a lowly person like me write for him, that’s just my opinion though. We have only worked on a handful of projects together, but we seem to be getter better and faster. We have a few really fun ideas for future comics that I think you will really enjoy. :D

    I want to publicly thank Rick, he has made writing fun for me again. We think a lot alike which really makes writing for him really cool. He is extremely talented in his art as you can all see. Keep checking in, Rick will continue to surprise you. :D

    To Rick…Muchas gracias hermano. 😉

  20. Your work always impresses me. The day you can get these animated will be both a blessing and a curse.

  21. Ha! This is actually pretty good. Funny, clever and the artwork is awesome. Eve is so damn fine!

  22. Gilmore was happy

    Can we give you stories to work on?

  23. why dont take charge for ur work? like patreon then maybe u have more time to spare to write ur stories faster and more detail or something if u get paid for ur work, i would love to pay u money so see more comics.

  24. Hi There … What you’re really true beauty !
    Amazing and stylish .

    I wish health to you .

    Thanks Good Friends

  25. Man What A story.awesome art work and great story.WOW

  26. I wish that you would draw a story, with one of the luscious beauties ‘facesitting’ a man. Facing front and then switching position to face in the opposite direction.

  27. Sexy y divertido. Me encantó este comic, y espero que saques otro pronto. Exelente como siempre, aunque tal vez necesites consultar a alguien que tenga un buen dominio del ingles porque hay algunos errores gramaticales. Nada que haga que el comic sea incomprensible, pero quedaría mejor si estuvieran corregidos.

    Fantastico trabajo, sigue así!

    • Me alegra que te haya encantado el comic. Sobre los dialogos, yo no los escribo sino que lo hace rebel37, quien es nativo hablante del ingles y siempre le pido más de una revisión cada vez que yo modifico algo antes de publicar el comic. Pero puedes contactarnos enviando los detalles de tus observaciones y asi podemos aclararlo o corregirlo.

      Gracias, man ;)

  28. perfect ++++++++++

  29. Super series, it’s always a blast to see what happens next to these beautiful women.

  30. ¡Preciosa esta mujer! Gran trabajo hermano. Amazing! :D

  31. Amazing conclusion, Rick! (only wish I was there to join in – my balance is also pretty “incredible”) Would love to see more of gorgeous Eva and her huge bouncy ass (pgs 17 to 21 are jaw-dropping). Any chance we’ll see both her and her “beautiful” sister next chapter? You’ve always had an insane knack for the innocent bombshells (ex: Eva’s glazed look on pg 4, which could drive any caveman wild) – which reminds me: do you think we could see Eva getting a spanking for being so gullible and naughty?

    Also, I love the idea of shorter stories – it’s always great to see your new stuff (especially since you and Rebel are pros at the “tease” in the erotic storyline). How often do you hope to publish your stories?

    • Thank you, John!

      On the next chapter we’ll see one of her sisters. I have not though in Eve getting a spanking but maybe would work :lol:

      Yes, rebel is very good wiriting these stories and enjoy putting my renders :D I still do not know how often but hope publish more and move faster with stories.

      Glad you like our work :)

    • Thank you John. Foxxx does an amazing work with the artwork and I’m glad you like the ‘tease’. I wish you well.

  32. Nice job. Thanks Rick

  33. It’s f****** awesome man, I loved it ، keep it up, hope to see lilly will be next

  34. llevo tiempo observando tu trabajo y de verdad es muy bueno, tus modelos son muy buenos, excelente trabajo amigo!

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