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An update of one of my earlier models…

Coming soon will return the teacherĀ Azalea.

Stay tuned!


  1. Wowzer! She’s even more perfect than before. Your women always have fantastic hips, butts and thighs… but those gloriously huge tits are now competing for my attention! Thanks, Foxxx

  2. ojala que pronto la veamos con otro de sus alumnos jejejee

  3. Hey there Fox, Love the new Azalea model. Except for this one little thing that made me really love her, i feel like she is missing the Red in her hair, it looks a lot more black than it used to. If its not too much to ask, would you bring back the red ?
    The red hair defines and distinguishes her from the other models more than any other thing about her, please do not take this away from her and by extention us the fans. over all i like all that you have done recently and i am sorry that you lost all of/most of your work :(. The new pages for the ongoing comic are also amazing, just thank you for your hard work, i hope you know that it is very appreciated :D. keep up the good work, we are rooting for you man ;D.

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