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The genesis of our curvy women world

“Could it be that our current situation is because of a horny alien in prehistoric times?”


  1. Nice work so much love ur work

  2. Hello foxxx. Do you use PC or Mac? nice work by the way

  3. I know you don’t take requests but here’s an idea that really rocks…you could make 3d models of female fairy tale characters:cute girls in short fairy tale dresses,you could Check j Scot Campbell’s work for more ideas…I know you’ve got a lot of projects to work on,but this is a great idea you could put into consideration, and I’m sure if you try this people will love it!…that by the way your work is always fantastic keep it up man!

    • J. Scott art is awesome and certainly I like some girls from fairy tales. In fact I have among my started projects some of them as such Goldilocks or Snow white I hope to finish in the future because I like that topic and I also have ideas for some scenes with them, just pretty busy atm. Thanks :)

  4. why not make a full comic insted of all these single pictures? btw nice pic!

  5. lol…great work man…😂😊

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