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Roxy after workout

This is an old unpublished render I made when I was working on Roxy’s interview. I think that I could to do a Roxy story from this.
Thanks to rebel37 for write the dialogue.


  1. Do you have a app i can get on

  2. Hi foxxx,,,
    Please maked story about roxy again…
    Sex party with her husband maybe…

  3. Hai Foxxx…
    Please continue story about roxy…
    What will happen bettwen roxy and nephew next???….

  4. sir i’m very badly waiting for this episode pls relase it as soon as u can

  5. Yaaaas! I really can’t wait for the aunt- nephew sexventure (sex adventure). Great work Mr. Foxx

  6. Pls you are doing great work. Big ups. Roxy’s story continuation would be amazing. We want to see what will happen between Roxy and Dick

  7. I’m waiting for the next episodes can’t wait bro Roxy is the best

  8. Hai Foxxx…
    Please fill out the story of this roxy…
    Roxy has a body that is extraordinary…
    Please make a story of how roxy teaching yoga in its class…when i became his student,i will not close my eyes for a while…roxy although very pretty…
    No i want to ask,how to form a marriage dress roxy?…certainly very beautiful,as beautiful as her….
    Please make canon pics on the form of marriage dress roxy,,,
    Thanks foxxx,,,for all your work is awesome…I really liked all of your model,especially roxy,lily and also Ms.nelson…
    Please continue all your works….

  9. Way THIS is really amaging

  10. Hello THEFOXXX this is really wonderful, but I still have a problem registering

  11. Moi je suis Beninois et je vis à Cotonou .je trouve ça super

  12. hello THEFOXXX, I must confess u ar duin a grt work..
    pls whn ar u continue dis Roxy’s story?
    I really need to enjoy it..
    God bless you fr yur entertainment

  13. Another great job well done! I was also wondering when the Lily story would drop?

  14. So, uh, does her shower fit three? … Just can’t get enough of Roxy! And I have to follow Kris on the plot outline, just as long as we get to see our innocent milf undress in tantalizing detail (so we can get excited along with Dick). I also think Roxy should get in first and not notice Dick’s “thingy” until it’s wedged up in the luscious crack of her huge behind – I’m sure that’ll bring back naughty memories of the boy who wanted to date her and bent her over his car (only this time she won’t let Dick stop).

    If I’m to believe Rebel’s post on “The Nephew’s Arrival”, I just know this story will only build the incredible tension as we await the inevitable “fun” between sweet busty aunt and well-endowed nephew.

  15. Jelundo Jonoji

    Haha, nice!

    “Just a shower between aunt and nephew” – sure!

    I hope we will see some more of Roxy, she is my favorite among your girls.

  16. antonio ramirez

    we need more dude about this story !!!

  17. So amazing ، can’t wait to see man!! The one in the airport was spectacular!! When will you upload them bro ? Cuz Roxy is my favorite after Lily

  18. Hi there ….
    Very Nice …I am your love stories .
    Any way you design is spectacular.
    We’re waiting for that to be completed soon your story.

    Thanks . Best Regards

  19. You should continue on this story! love the first one at the airport, but if u continue a tip is to her go to shower first and he accidentaly walks in and sees and then watches and jerks of and she discover him watching something like that or she accidentaly sees him shower and is amazed by his dick size, that would make a better story i think.

  20. nice story and work,try finish up old stories before uploading new one.add more fun by adding lactating boobs and vagina intercourse

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