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Cavevixens 1

Hi there all!

This is the first chapter of a new series, “Cavevixens”. Believe it or not this is a canon series and we’ll see the link with my present models in upcoming chapters.

Stay tunned!


  1. wowowwowwo what lovely nice story mehnnn i love this mehnnn

  2. I always love your model Roxy,Lily and Ms.nelson…
    Your work is extraordinary…
    I wish i could meet with the three of them in the real world…
    Please continue your project about three of them…
    Thanks to all,,Foxxx

  3. 99%!! The anticipation is killing me. I hope you release the next chapter either today or tomorrow.

  4. WOW!! Amazing job man
    When can we see the next chapter?

  5. awesome job im anxious for the next chapter do more of her!!!!

  6. mowright97

    What’s up buddy? Will Lily be a nun or already moved on in her canon?

  7. Now I am here patiently waiting for the next chapter. I need to see that ass get pounded by a wild caveman.

  8. man, it’s horrible to end such a great comic like that and make us wait for the rest, pls publish it, we are all dying to see it
    awesome job on the comic, u are one of the best at this man

  9. Great artwork. Funny story. I hope he doesn’t get killed by her husband Lol

  10. Wow cant wait for the next installment …great job

  11. Daaaaaamn i wish my girlfriend had a ass like that

  12. Amazing content!

    Could we expect to see the next chapter in about a week or will it take a bit longer? I’m dying for some new content. Haven’t seen anyone in the porn comic busniness who makes such great scenes as you. Keep up the good work!

  13. mowright97

    Didn’t know what to expect from this but u pulled it off. Nice set up Foxxx. Lily, Azalea, and Gabriela needs a deep catalog. U have a loyal fan here buddy

  14. devil98

    Yeah help her . Great story line, so he goes up the river ? And have her sister too ? I wonder how the story goes she has beautiful busty ass

  15. Hellllooooo Nurse! Great Job! :3

  16. Jelundo Jonoji

    Wow! Great work!

    And Mrs. Knobranes is so hot!

    I love it!

  17. Lol, he’s so afraid he pulls her cloths off to dry them.
    Has her naked in front of him but is afraid her husband will kill him because he thinks they are dou something. I love this guy 😂😂😂😂

  18. moji

    Hi Dear … bless you
    Again, thank you very much beautiful work.
    Very beautiful and elegant design.
    Please proceed story !
    With special thanks.
    Best Regards

  19. goldewag100

    hey rick-this is amazing. i love your work so much. however i feel like you might be focusing on way too many projects right now instead of just a few at a time and updating them until completion. there are other stories you started that were great but haven’t had an update for them in like half a year or so because your busy starting other ones. but because this is for free after all, you should feel free to do what you please lol. thanks so much


    She is beautiful and so fucking sexy bro, like all of your girls! I’m waiting for the next part. u are amazing u know MI AMIGO!

  21. RVAcomics

    No importa que no tengan sexo, esto siempre me parece genial. Si embargo, creo que podrías ajustar de vez en cuando una escena donde la chica se incline a recoger algo, o esté sentada y sus nalgas se desparramen, montando un animal, o depronto podrías hacer a alguna en un momento temperamental, un buen malgenio le puede dar mucho carácter y variedad a un personaje, y no tendría nada que ver con sexo. Solo digo.


      De hecho las riding poses me gustan mucho, aunque no he tenido oportunidad de hacer alguna aun, espero hacer alguna escena como esa pronto. Y sí, en las siguientes historias habrá espacio para todo tipo de emociones de mis personajes. :)


  23. Mrs Lain

    wooooww muy buen inicio!!!!! y que bien armado esta ese chico cavernicola jejejejee

  24. RajWolf

    my goodness. These cave vixens were worth the wait. Page 12 is my favorite. Soooo much ass on her.

  25. Awesome!!! Waiting patiently for the next one

  26. Juan

    Wooo man do you know how to deliver (great sexy story – p.23 is crazy!). Since Ben’s club is showing, it’s a real “Knobrainer” what will happen in Part 2 – Cannot wait to see more of your stunning prehistoric porn. When do you hope to finish the next part?

  27. Gabe MILF-Lover

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  28. Francisco Castillo

    excelente enserio
    no quiero sonar exigente ni nada de eso pero ¿como cuando piensas subir mas?
    quizas estas ocupado en algun otro asunto personal asi es solo por curiosidad

  29. omg cant wait til the next part

  30. Kamron Blake

    Nice! This is coming out pretty good! Can’t wait for the next one!

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